Wicket Charisma

Wicket Charisma


Wicket Charisma is made up of two brothers and one cousin. They have been playing together for their entire lives and have just recently released thier new CD "Truths Before You Went Traitor" They are a Pop/Rock band from IL. Catchy lines and tight playing make the songs excellent.


Wicket Charisma, although just recently recorded, started back years ago. Stephen and David Tracy were both brothers with a longing to write music. They used their influences to create their own sound and style. It was these songs that captured their cousin, Jon Mathis, and made him want to be the bands bassist. They have played in numerous events, including several Battle of the Bands, local stage houses, and were invited to play at the

Set List

Something Tells Me You Won't Go Away
Free Fall
Cry Until Your Heart Floods
Someday Later
I'm Lost