Wide Eyed Coma

Wide Eyed Coma


Wide Eyed Coma is an Alternative/Progressive rock that blends heavy drum tracks and assaulting guitar riffs into an emotional energy that connects with the audience and our fans. Our primary goal while performing is to do just that.


Wide Eyed Coma was formed from the ashes of the band mates former projects, Kevin Alcombrack(drums)desperate to form a new band, placed an add on his myspace page(www.myspace.com/kevinalcombrack)and shortly after doing so Kevin Morgan(Lead Guitar, Vocals http://www.myspace.com/thebandmite)contacted me and the beginning of Wide Eyed Coma was formed.

With both Kevin and Kevin knowing Jason Swank(rhythm Guitar, Vocals)we asked him to join and he of course did.

So with the line-up just about complete we were lacking the thick low end for the group and the only person Kevin Alcombrack thought was the best fit was none other than the young but very talented bass player by the name of Tim Herrington(bass, http://www.myspace.com/bassist6192)and he again obviously accepted, So with the line-up complete wide eyed coma was born.


Coming very soon!

Set List

Anymore -
Unbroken -
You are my breath -
Reach -
Damaged -
Why You -
Pounded By Words -
In Absynth -
Salivated -
See Myself -