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This band has not uploaded any videos




The EP will put a spell on you

Juketopus, and not the juke, the mix is short and dirty, and long and drawn out. The minimalism of juke is hypnotic, and the avant-garde repetition of the phrase to produce the hypnosis, before I slip into unconsciousness. The elaboration is in the jazz saxophone and a nod of Nina Simone. A spell of music, sonically, lyrically, in beats of magical power, and I am under a spell. - Dig Boston


GLITCH Striking Soundcloud gold thanks to a tip off from Radio 1's IDM vanguard Mary Anne Hobbes the production back catalogue from Moduloktopus mines a rich seam of glitchy, crunked-out wonk that gives Onra a run for his money.

Jam packed with incredible productions to shove in your ear pipes be sure to have a good snoop around the Moduloktopus Soundcloud and prepare to get d-d-d-d-deeeeeeEEEep. Bwwwarp. - LOUDAT

"Forward Thinking Juke"

…”This project consists in blending elements of instrumental music with modern electronic production.

In this case, the underlining genre of the project was Juke music.
This genre originating from creative underground movements in Chicago, has recently reached an international audience, and has been labeled as a “Forward Thinking” genre. “… - INQ Mag

"Love Maker’s Space Jazz"

Dominican-based producer Moduloktopus has often been referred to as a chameleon in regards to his electronic work. Thus far, he’s experimented with the likes of house, dubstep, juke and a few other ambiguous genres (such as “CHILLOKTOPUS“).

His latest track was released just shy of a month ago and has been deemed “Love Maker’s Space Jazz.” Moduloktopus’ label couldn’t be more appropriate.

“Don’t Think Feel” was recommended by Mary Anne Hobbs herself. - Low Life


Still working on that hot first release.



Moduloktopus is the musical vision of multi-genre Dominican producer Wigbert Caro of Dice Motion, accompanied in the live setting by talented secret performers. Together they create a hypnotic journey in the evolving realm of electronic music.

At a time when music lovers from all subcultures and genres find common ground in the basic form of bass heavy beats, Moduloktopus is giving the people raw energetic multi-tempo beats that fill dance floors with energy and emotion.

In 2012 a progressive release of the “-topus” mixtape series continues to cross together a poetic fusion of genres from House, Glitch Hop, Juke, and Dubstep to name a few. Using his own voice on every genre he touches, there is no stopping this electronic music chameleon from surprising everyone with something new.