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Wighead @ Under the Mooch

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



“I like to describe it as a ball of hair rolling
towards a power line at breakneck
speeds,” frontman Chris Rusk explained. “You don’t
really know what to expect or what it will sound
like, but you know it’s going to smell awful, and
make you dance.”
What it sounds like is the zany, over-caffeinated
little brother of They Might Be Giants. Songs about
lumberjacks, astronauts and naked animals are
Wighead’s specialty.Naturally, there are many
opportune moments for orchestrated insanity
during a live performance. The twisted mania of a
Wighead show has been alternately cheered and
jeered at various times, but extreme reactions seem
to be par for the course for a band that’s so insistent
on audience engagement (patron beware: they’ve
been known to throw spaghetti). - Urban Tulsa


The Lumberjack EP



Wighead formed in 2001 with just two weird kids, a drum machine, and a four track recorder. They recorded their first album "Someone in Texas Loves You" featuring 63 tracks of insanity leaked onto analogue tape.

After taking a break to pursue other interests, those two weird kids decided to get the band back together when they noticed the Tulsa music scene growing. They recruited Matthew to play bass with them, and for a year they were a three piece with a drum machine. Finally, accepting the need for a drummer, Tony joined. Shortly after Jeff fell in with the Wighead crowd and became their new bass player.