Cray-Z (Wiked Wood)

Cray-Z (Wiked Wood)

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Wiked Wood - True Underground Hip Hop


Cray-Z, born Zac Graves, was raised in several different states along the east coast. With a musician for a father and an actress for a mother, Zac found himself surrounded by music and theatrics on an almost everyday basis. This is where he developed his deep passion and drive for music.

He started recording music at a very young age pouring his everyday emotions into his product. By the age of 12 years old he was competing in competitions and already building up a fan base. In late 2002 came Wiked Wood a group formed of Cray-Z, and his friend Jagged J. They recorded around 15 songs together and played multiple shows along the east coast. However, in early 2007 Cray-Z and Jagged J parted ways due to different career interests. Cray-Z continued to pursue his music and after his release of "Lost" in early 2008 the 17 year old rapper showed he wasn't stopping any time soon.

After the album release it was announced that there would be added a new member to Wiked Wood that went by the name "Creep aka KFC", born Rob Sawyer. The two traveled for shows and were accompanied by a female singer as well. While in a radio interview, Cray-Z, let it be known that the singer, Misty Sue, was a signed act to Wiked Wood Ent. and would be releasing her own album after Wiked Wood next release. Wiked Wood is currently working on that next album which is set to be released in early 2009 and distributed by Sony Music.


Wiked Wood - Tell Em' Where It's From Vol. 1 (2008)

Cray-Z (Wiked Wood) - Lost (2008)

Whatever Sells Records - The Free VD Handout (2007)

Cryptic Radio - Under The Ground Vol. 1 (2006)

Wiked Wood - Why? Single (2006)

Wiked Wood - Children Playing EP (2003)

Set List

Set can span from 20 to 90 min.

All Original Material.