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Current Album: "Dear Mr. Bush,..."
Available online: Oct. 2006

Songs incl.:

"Dear Mr. Bush,..."
"Ohio (G.U.O.T.B.)"
"Wings (a tribute to Stanley "Tookie" Williams)
"This is Hiphop"
"One Comes Down"
"A Man With A Gun"

The Billionaires Are In The House - B4B Records

"Don't Vote"
"Billionaires Are In The White House"
"New Regime"
"The Governator"



Wil b
The Political Power of Hiphop

Wil b is a country born city bred artist with a multi-angled approach and talent in the true meaning of the word MULTI.

As a former music industry professional this Pittsburgh, Pa., steel-town boy, went from rags to riches to rags and found himself creating the Political Power of Hiphop as a result of his tumultuous life.

Following a growth experience as an Assistant A&R for EMI Music Publishing, curved by a series of “bad decisions” and wrong turns led Wil to a life on the streets leaving him homeless for nearly two years in Los Angeles. While Wil took great pride in his ability to stay “clear” and active, at times sleeping in the warehouses, at Reuters News Service, where he was employed, while still living homeless in L.A., it was on those same streets that he recognized the soul saving power of his beloved music, Hiphop, as, writing his pain into songs was his release for his frustration with everything wrong in his life and the world. It was out of this frustration that his debut political Hiphop classic anti-war single “Dear Mr. Bush” was penned.

Then, on March 20, 2002, in the eve of the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, at the urging of a man passing out flyers for an upcoming anti-war rally with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Wil accompanied the man to the International A.N.S.W.E.R. offices were he submitted a demo tape of his newly recorded song. Before Wil returned to his girlfriend’s mother’s home, where he had been receiving calls, he had received an invitation to ride along with Rev. Jackson and perform his song “Dear Mr. Bush” at the height of the protest. Wil a great admire of the work of Rev. Jackson used this time to introduce himself and his organizational structure for a Hiphop led activist organization focused on informing young people about the important issues affecting their every day lives in America, to Rev. Jackson and his and the Rev. responded by hugging Wil, around the neck in front of numerous news cameras and anti-Bush demonstrators, nearly 250,000 believed in attendance.

From that day Wil b would go on to record more “message music”, as he calls it, about the real-life issues and stories of the disenfranchised in America, including kids at risk and education and important policies and decisions made in all areas of government, local to federal, impacting these struggling Americans.

Now, nearly four years later, Wil b and The Political Power of Hiphop have played a significant role in the campaigns to block the Bush confirmation on Jan. 6th 2005, with Wil’s, “Get Up On The Bus”, a powerful retelling of the Ohio Voter Fraud scandal following the 2004 Election, and Antonio Villaraigosa’s successful climb from City Council to the Mayor’s office penning the campaign’s official theme song “Brighter Day”. More accomplishments and actions can be found on Wil b’s official myspace page: www.myspace.com/wilbandthepoliticalpowerofhiphop

Wil b is currently setting to launch his debut album “The Political Power of Hiphop” in the fall of 2006, and in the immediate future, a mix tape featuring the phenom Shon Moore, titled the Political Power of Hiphop Mixtape, with fact focused and entertaining political Hiphop to motivate the active and invigorate the masses who want and desire change.

The Political Power of Hiphop has a plan.