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Diesel Jockey

Written By: Wilbur Klein


G Cause I’m a diesel Jockey riding through the night Hundreds of horses pulling in the moon light
C You sit up there and ride and your backside might get sore
D But a sniff of burnt diesel keeps you coming back for more G

C High in the cab 300 horses on the bit
G Don’t matter about age or weigh any one will fit
C The saddle’s got adjustments up down and round
D Not like a bucking bronc who’ll put you on the ground

C The climate is controlled mobile phone in the hand
G With Tony Delroy ABC talking across the land
C You just keep on riding working hard keeping straight
D Planting seed and turning dirt then finished out the gate


C At night you see the lights of jockeys pushing on
G By two in the morning most of the lights have gone
C Home to their families, a shower and a feed
D Then a few hours in the cot is all a jockey needs

C Then up again and into it, still work to be done
G Some of the young blokes thought that their race was run
C But just keep on riding diesels pumping in our veins
D Just let the horses go yeah slacken off the reins


C We get fertilizer from the port on a morning run
G All the kids climb aboard they think its kind of fun
C 25 ton makes up the load
D 400 horses cruising down the road

C Don’t matter what the shape or colour it might be
G If you feed it diesel then those horses are for me
C I like to see the puff of smoke as you throttle on
D Put the spurs into it another ride is gone


C When the job is done you put the horses in the shed
G Turn off the key and they’re safely put to bed
C No nose bags or water just greasing to be done
D Lets shower then and have some well earned fun


G Cos I’m a diesel jockey x 2
C Cos I’m a diesel jockey x 2
D - G But a sniff of burnt diesel keeps you coming back for more
D - G But a sniff of burnt diesel keeps you coming back for more

C – D - G