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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Folk Alternative




""Do Right" Premier"

Toronto’s Wild Rivers began life as folk duo Devan & Khalid, named for Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein, two fabulous singers who harmonize perfectly like two people born to perform together. Building out their indie folk sound to a band, the duo added Ben Labenski (drums) and Andrew Oliver (bass, guitar) and now Wild Rivers inhabit folk rock perfectly, their Fleetwood Mac influences worn proudly on their sleeves. But Wild River is no tribute or retro act as their music feels completely contemporary and fresh. Witness “Do Right”, an earworm of a folk-pop tune with a hit-single chorus. If Nashville the show featured music like this, more people might still be watching it. Well, Nashville the city can’t have this band as Canada has a proud Canadiana tradition and Wild Rivers are waving that flag high.

Wild Rivers says, “Though we only released our debut album ten months ago, we wanted to release something new to represent our growth and development as people, musicians, and a band. After months of touring our debut album, we were inspired to explore new areas of our music: developing a larger, richer sound while still focusing on vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. ‘Do Right’ is a song that displays growth from our folk roots, along with experiences we’ve encountered as a group over the last year. It showcases a refreshing new take on Wild Rivers, featuring more energy than ever before. We’re excited to continue exploring this sound towards uncharted territory.” - PopMatters

"Wild Rivers Receive Warm Welcome Home"

The crowd at Adelaide hall was buzzing late Friday night. The venue was packed for a sold out show and I could tell everyone in the room was just as excited for Toronto’s very own Wild Rivers to take the stage as I was. Upon first hearing their song “Already Gone” and discovering their soothing, yet upbeat indie sound, I was hooked. I knew immediately that this was a band I had to see live, and after witnessing their killer performance on Friday, I am so glad that I did.

While playing both fan favourites and some stellar new tracks, Wild Rivers captured the audience’s attention “like a fish on a hook”. With Devan and Khalid’s hauntingly beautiful harmonies and the band’s overall chemistry, what’s not to love? There is no doubt that individually, these band members are talented musicians; however, together they are so much more than that. Together they are artists, and what they were able to create on stage Friday evening was none other than a folk-lover’s dream.

From the first note they sang to the last chord they played, Wild Rivers took their audience on a ride. Even with a crowd made up of a variety of generations, the band was able to please everyone. As I sang along to the faster songs and let my goosebumps take over during the slower ones, I noticed that I was not the only fan-girl present. While Devan’s unique yet recognizable tone filled the room and blended so effortlessly with Khalid’s, I watched the entire crowd sing their lyrics right back to them. It was in this moment that I could see, though the band was excited to be in Toronto, their city was just as eager to welcome them home.

Once the show was over, the audience (including myself) wanted more. After a bit of chanting and cheering, the band took to the stage yet again and ended the show with one of their new songs, “Do Right”. It is definitely always a risky move to finish off a set with a brand new song; however, this risk worked in Wild Rivers’ favour, as “Do Right” was a hit. It was the perfect way to finish their Adelaide Hall performance with a bang and to leave their fans wanting more. With many well-liked songs already in their repertoire and new ones like this last one on the way, Wild Rivers is without a doubt a band that every indie music lover should be following this upcoming year. Both live and recorded, the music of Wild Rivers is surely something to experience. - The Nu

"WILD RIVERS >> Wild Rivers"

“Already Gone” – Wild Rivers. A male/female duet powers this folk-pop tune that sounds like it can scratch the itch left behind by the demise of The Civil Wars. - Quick Before It Melts

"Genre Wander: Kingswood - Echo Arcadia - Wild Rivers - Sinners & Saints - Blood and Glass - Sacrifice & Bliss"

Background from Wild Rivers - Though we only released our debut album 10 months ago, we wanted to release something new to represent our growth and development as people, musicians, and a band. After months of touring our album, we were inspired to explore new areas of our music: developing a larger, richer sound while still focusing on vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics.

“Do Right” is a song that displays growth from our folk roots, along with experiences we’ve encountered as a group over the last year. It showcases a refreshing new take on Wild Rivers, featuring more energy than ever before.

We're looking forward to continue exploring this new sound towards uncharted territory. After this release we are playing a string of dates in the US at SXSW followed by Nashville and Chicago. Then we’ll be back in Canada to headline CMW and work on focusing this new direction into an album. Website here, Facebook here.

Upfront and distinct duel vocals are made even more delightful with the accompanying harmonies. 'Do Right' is a crisp and well constructed folk orientated song with some pleasing Americana edge to it. - Beehive Candy

""Do Right" | Wild Rivers"

After radio silence for almost a year, one of our favourite bands have released brand new material. To say we're excited is an understatement. Road trip music through-and-through, "Do Right" illuminates a new direction for Toronto ensemble Wild Rivers. Evoking a similar warmth to the band's previous hits like "Wandering Child" and "Already Gone," the new single hears band member Khalid Yassein embrace an Amos Lee-like quality to his vocals; supported by Devan Glover as she belts out full-bodied harmonies in-concert with dynamic instrumentals from Ben Labenski and Andrew Oliver. It's just a taste of what's to come with a new album on the horizon and we couldn't be more pumped to share it below. Listen to "Do Right" on The Beatforest's Spotify playlist BEATS OF THE INDIE here! - The Beatforest

"Wild River's new single 'Do Right' spotlights the best of having besties"

Wild Rivers blur country, folk and pop on their new single 'Do RIght'. Its a sweet joyful track, built on the all the good things that can happen out on the road with best pals. Sending it out to BFFs everywhere. - Slow City

"WILD RIVERS - Do Right"

Toronto indie folk quartet WILD RIVERS is one of Canada’s most exciting young acts.

They draw influences from James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac, in other words they create luminous classic sounds refreshed by young beats…

Wild Rivers - Wild Rivers
Wild Rivers – Wild Rivers
Now they release their upbeat love song “Do Right” —

We had a listen —

There is a fateful air in this sentimental piece, softly torn and beautifully illuminated.

The interaction between “Devan & Khalid” is extra-special. With a touch of bright hope — although the lyrical content is portentous.

This is gorgeous country-folk with voices so awesome they almost hurt your heart. - Raw Ramp

"Wild Rivers: Toronto's answer to Fleetwood Mac?"

Arising from the folk duo Devan & Khalid – formed by fellow Queen's University grads Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein – Wild Rivers released their Dan Hosh produced self-titled debut album last April to negligible response.

However, with the appearance of the sweetly harmonized tune "Do Right," suddenly, people are taking notice. Although the Death Cab For Cutie namecheck in the opening verse was a shrewd move, what seems to be clicking with those who've been driving up the price of second-hand Fleetwood Mac vinyl in recent years is the song's overall Rumours-esque vibe which many artists – including Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham – have tried to recreate but none have yet been able to effectively capture on tape.

Seems like Wild Rivers may have cracked it with "Do Right" but only time will tell. Here's what Wild Rivers had to say about the song which may well provide the breakthrough they've been looking for...

"Though we only released our debut album 10 months ago, we wanted to release something new to represent our growth and development as people, musicians, and a band. After months of touring our album, we were inspired to explore new areas of our music: developing a larger, richer sound while still focusing on vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. “Do Right” is a song that displays growth from our folk roots, along with experiences we’ve encountered as a group over the last year. It showcases a refreshing new take on Wild Rivers, featuring more energy than ever before."

"We're looking forward to continue exploring this new sound towards uncharted territory. After this release we are playing a string of dates in the US at SXSW followed by Nashville and Chicago. Then we’ll be back in Canada to headline CMW and work on focusing this new direction into an album."

Have a listen to "Do Right" below. Check out Wild Rivers site right here. - The Perlich Post

"Audible/Visual Hoots: Max T, Steph Cameron, Innes Wilson & more"

It hasn’t even been a year since Wild Rivers released their debut album, but the band’s still gathered up enough experience to start experimenting with their sound. They’re ready to reach into new directions with “Do Right,” their first post-debut single that drives the focus to the harmonies and the soulfully emotive vocals. It shouldn’t come as a surprise from two artists—Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein—that rarely rest, and never stay still. – EA - Grayowl Point

"Wild Rivers "Do Right""

4-piece from Toronto - Find A Song

"Inbox Jukebox #002 – Freddy Hale, STACEY, Michaela May + Wild Rivers"

It’s time to unwind from the long working week, with a gorgeous folk-pop offering from Wild Rivers. Their new track “Do Right” sees the band exploring a new direction, and it definitely does a whole lot right in putting a smile on your face, and a tap in your feet. Another twist in a Twin Forks type road. Get in your car and drive. - Idobi

"Must listens for February"

The Canadian folk group from Toronto is comprised of members Devan Glover, Khalid Yassein, Ben Labenski, and Andrew Oliver – together, they’re a gentler version of the Civil Wars, sprinkled with a little Donovan Woods. Their harmonies are stunning, lyricism poignant, and guitar rhythms road trip-worthy. “Heart Attack” is a vulnerable, bluesy standout whose lilting chorus ends with an emphatic, matter-of-fact “Good gracious, you’re a heart attack.” 10/10 would recommend for rainy days. - The Shotgun Seat

"Chat w Khalid Yassein & Devan Glover of "Wild Rivers" about self titled album"

(Audio interview) - Rudy Blair Media

"Wild Rivers - "Already Gone""

Wild Rivers originally started out as a duo, featuring co-singer-songwriters Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover. However, the talented twosome recently moved to Toronto, from Kingston, Ontario, where they added two more musicians to the ensemble. Wild Rivers now also features Ben Labenski on drums and Andrew Oliver on bass. After they became a foursome, the band gained some serious recognition for the amazing work they did on their first-ever, self-titled EP.

The song “Already Gone” grabbed my attention the most. It is a beautiful twist on the classic male/female folk duo. It features classic acoustic guitar, mesmerizing lyrics, a soft drum and background tambourine. Wild Rivers has such a unique sound that I couldn’t help but ask them who their main inspiration was. The band replied: “Collectively our main musical inspiration would be Neil Young.”

This indie folk quartet recently finished up their tour in their stomping grounds at Adelaide Hall, right here in Toronto. I asked the band where their dream performance would be and all four replied with “Massey Hall,” the legendary Toronto venue. Based on “Already Gone”, I have no doubt that they’ll make it to Massey, I just hope I can be in the crowd! - The Nu

"Wild Rivers Makes Waves In London, Ontario"

From Washington, DC to London, Ontario, Wild Rivers is making a name for themselves in the world of music. This Toronto based indie folk band was born out of a duo that met in university in Kingston, Ontario. Devan & Khalid (the original group) expanded their band in 2015 creating a more holistic sound to their unique music while maintaining the compelling appeal of a male-female duo.

Wild Rivers is touring across Canada and even extended their reach into the United States with recent concerts in Washington, Boston and New York. For a seemingly new and upcoming band, they already have established a dedicated fan base who were very visible at the show in London on November 18 at The Rosewood. With only a debut album under their belt, the audience was familiar with all of the songs played and sang along in unison to every one of the poetic lyrics primarily written by Khalid.

Two years prior to releasing their self-titled debut album “Wild Rivers,” Devan & Khalid put out their first EP entitled “This Town.” Though their set list was mainly composed of songs from “Wild Rivers,” the audience was in for a treat when the band broke out songs featured on “This Town.”

Wild Rivers opened their show Friday night with “Undercover” followed by one of their singles and a crowd favorite, “Already Gone.” They then played a personal favorite, “Paul Simon,” a song featured on both the band’s 9-track album and Devan & Khalid’s first EP. Though Paul Simon himself is only mentioned once in the song’s lyrics, this interesting choice of title being a well-known musician is intriguing to one who may never have heard the song before. The first time around, “Paul Simon” was recorded acoustically with nothing more than a guitar and vocals. In concert, it was performed as seen on “Wild Rivers” with the addition of a drummer and bass player making for a foot tapping, high energy performance.

After closing their set with “Speak Too Soon,” a catchy sing-a-long finale, the crowd insisted upon hearing more. Not having anything else planned, Wild Rivers responded to their encore demand breaking out another song from “This Town.” They played “No Ribbons,” the first song for which they released a music video, paying homage to the beginning of their musical journey.

Being able to share in the joy of not only the band’s passion to create meaningful music but the audience’s appreciation for the magic of live music made for an unforgettable night. This folk quartet is definitely one to be on the lookout for over the next couple of years.

Set List: Undercover, Already Gone, Paul Simon, Rolling Stone, Heart Attack, Fish On A Hook, Mayday, Wandering Child, Speak Too Soon

Encore: No Ribbons - NYS Music

"Wild Rivers Will Wash Away Cares"

After a big week in news, how about a night of great music?

Relax and unwind with a set from Toronto indie folk quartet Wild Rivers, who are ready to belt out a few things to consider, like “I think nothing beautiful comes without a fight” on the track Already Gone.

The song is off their debut self-titled album, released in April so you can be among the first to jump on this bandwagon.

Expect to hear a few notes inspired by the likes of James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac from this joyful four-piece, which is comprised of Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein (formerly a duo), plus Ben Labenski and ­Andrew Oliver. They’re folksy, happy, and introspective and you can stream their album on Spotify, where it’s collecting one million plays and counting.

Catch Wild Rivers at London Music Hall Friday. The music starts at 8 p.m. (and wraps up by 11 p.m.). Tickets are $7 and include sets from Port Cities, Aaron Allen, and Alex Mason. - London Free Press

"CTV News Ottawa: Wild Rivers"

(Video Interview & Performance) - CTV News Ottawa

"Indie Folk Act Wild Rivers Announce Tour Dates In Support Of Self-Titled Debut Album"

Indie folk group Wild Rivers have announced they will be hitting the road in support of their self-titled debut album, which was released independently this past April to considerable fanfare at a sold-out hometown show at Toronto’s Adelaide Hall. With influences drawn from such iconic music legends as James Taylor and Fleetwood Mac, Wild Rivers captivates with the magnetism that only the chemistry of a male/female duo can produce. The tour will see the four piece make stops across Ontario and Quebec, including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Oshawa, London and Cambridge in addition to dates in Boston, MA and New York, NY, with more dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

Born out of Devan Glover (vocals) and Khalid Yassein’s (vocals, guitar) eponymous Kingston-based duo “Devan & Khalid”, Wild Rivers took on a life of its own with the addition of Ben Labenski (drums) and Andrew Oliver (bass, guitar), carving out a name as one of Canada’s most exciting young acts. Melding a classic feel with their own refreshing spin, Wild Rivers manages to honour those that leave them inspired while producing songs that are uniquely meaningful, with contemporary pop appeal. Drawing comparisons to such modern acts as The Civil Wars and Houndmouth, Wild Rivers are forging a path through the Canadian folk scene and beyond, consistently packing venues and attaining new and loyal fans along the way. - Vents Magazine

"May Singles - Acoustic Pt. 2"

A male/female duet powers this folk-pop tune that sounds like it can scratch the itch left behind by the demise of The Civil Wars. - Independent Clauses

"A&R Factory"

Wild Rivers is a young, up-and-coming alternative Folk band from Toronto, formed out of the Kingston-based duo that was Devan & Khalid. Since hitting the Toronto music scene, the band has made great leaps and bounds – from being voted Toronto’s Best New Artist in the 2015 CBC Searchlight contest, to gaining regular National Radio airplay, and landing opening slots for some of Canada’s greatest artists, such as Great Lake Swimmers, Cowboy Junkies, and The Wooden Sky.

In the fall of 2015, the band expanded from a duo to a four piece, simultaneously developing their sound, which coincided with the production and recording of their debut album. Their first two singles quickly gained over 100K SoundCloud plays, and features on some of Spotify’s top playlists have earned them 100K+ plays on the singles alone.

On April 16th, Wild Rivers celebrated the much anticipated release of their self-titled debut album with a sold out show at Toronto’s Adelaide Hall. You can stream/download their album everywhere now on Spotify, Apple Music, or at www.wildriversmusic.com. Wild Rivers is Khalid Yassein, Devan Glover, Ben Labenski, and Andrew Oliver. Keep an eye on this band, as they are poised for great things in 2016! - A&R Factory Present: Wild Rivers

"Review - Wild Rivers, 'Wild Rivers'"

“Glover’s voice belts forth with surprising strength even as Yassein takes the lead on vocals, emerging as the most memorable component of this southern Ontario folk sample.” - Grayowl Point

"'Wild Rivers' (Album Stream)"

The final product is a melodic set of tunes that twinge with twang in just the right spots. From the upbeat jaunt of openers "Wandering Child" and "Blue June" to more morose affairs like "Mayday," the band serve up songs that wear their influences on their sleeve ("Paul Simon"), but still manage to put a refreshing spin on soft, folksy pop music. - Exclaim!

"Wild Rivers Play Zaphod's (Photo Essay)"

The terrific harmonies and skillful musicianship heard on the single were in full display when Wild Rivers played local, Ottawa favourite Zaphod Beeblebrox last Friday. - The Revue

"Wild Rivers Flow East"

The Toronto quartet Wild Rivers are about to embark on their first formal visit to the East Coast, a tour that will take them to stages throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in March.

“It’s our first time out East,” said guitarist/vocalist Khalid Yassein. “We’ve been talking about going out east for a long time and we’re beyond excited that we’re finally in a position to do it. Live music is such an important part of the culture of the Maritimes, especially folk music. We’d love to become a part of that and share our songs to a new audience.”

Yassein got his start performing alongside bandmate Devan Glover as the duo, Devan and Khalid. Fueled by their growing popularity on the Toronto folk circuit and success as contestant in CBC’s 2015 Searchlight contest, the pair decided to put a sharper focus on their music careers and round out their sound adding bassist Andrew Oliver and drummer Ben Labenski to the group last fall. Wild Rivers was born.

“It was only in October that we went from an acoustic duo to a full indie-folk band,” said Yassein. “As a duo, we started playing together at Queen’s University in Kingston. After graduating, we moved back to Toronto and that summer we were voted Toronto’s best new artist in the CBC Searchlight contest. Our sound has grown bigger as the shows have gotten bigger, so it was a natural step and we’re really proud of the new act.”

The band have spent the past few months working on their debut album at Catherine North Studios, where some of the country’s biggest indie-folk artists have recorded, including City and Colour and Whitehorse.

Although their debut album has yet to be released, the band has dropped a pair of singles that hint towards an exciting full-length release. Already Gone is a straight ahead folk rock gem that serves as a great introduction to the group, and Wandering Child highlights the group’s strong vocal foundation that helped win the attention of the Toronto scene.

Working with producer Dan Hosh who worked on Rose Cousin’s award-winning 2009 album, The Send Off, Wild Rivers’ acoustic driven, harmony laden sound fits perfectly alongside some of the country’s most established contemporary folk performers.

Wild Rivers’ debut self titled album comes out April 15th. Catch the band on tour in March.

Tour Dates:

March 9 – Grad Club – Kingston, ON

March 10 – Petit Campus – Montreal, PQ

March 15 – Grimross Brewing Co – Fredericton, NB

March 16 – Plan B – Moncton, NB

March 18 – Golden X Inn – Antigonish, NS

March 19 – Rockbottom Brew Pub – Halifax, NS - Grid City Magazine

"Weekend Showcase Playlist"

(Playlist) - The Revue

"Saturday Sampler (February 20)"

Dual female-male harmonies have become commonplace, where it seems every indie-folk band needs to have them. Many of them are often unnecessary, drowning the song in ennui. But Toronto band, Wild Rivers‘ new single, “Already Gone”, are recapturing the emotion in the genre. The interplay between Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein is intimate and sincere, like two lovers who are worlds apart and whose hearts ache for the other. The song recalls the energy and power of Houndmouth. - The Revue

"Wild Rivers – “Already Gone”"

The voices of Wild Rivers’ Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein flow together like the Wild Rivers of their band name. Paired with a simple and very likeable folk-pop, and a little bit country, style, “Already Gone” sounds effortless. The emotion is full, the lyrics are clever, and the melody is memorable – all qualities of a good song. - Grayowl Point

"Wild Rivers - "Already Gone" Video"

Toronto-via-Kingston indie-folk unit Wild Rivers released their This Town EP last summer, expanding from a two-musician act into a fully fleshed-out four-piece. Now, the growing group are set to unveil a brand new video for "Already Gone" — and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.

The clip blends the gentle, folksy sway of the song with a slightly more sinister storyline. Half the band take on the role of bar-robbing heist artists, while the other two play a pair of detectives on the crime trail.

See how the suspenseful chase plays out by watching the clip for "Already Gone" in the player below. Beyond that, you can check out the audio-only track as well. - Exclaim.ca

"Already Gone | Wild Rivers"

Just as the name suggests, Wild Rivers embody the running course of the Canadian-folk soundscape. Composed of Devan Glover, Khalid Yassein (formerly Devan & Khalid), Ben Labenski, and Andrew Oliver, the foursome deliver a completely unique sound with every release. Following the success from their November single Wandering Child, Already Gone welcomes a resounding energy to the mix; brandishing their conversation-style duet with an exhilarating, uptempo beat. The lively melody works around resonant vocals from Devan and Khalid, hooking the listener in with drawn out "oh's" and sweeping lyrics that transcend their previous releases.

As their third time on The Beatforest, it's clear that we have high hopes for this amazing and local band! Be sure to check out both Wild Rivers' social spots and the official video for Already Gone below! Also, cop the free download of the track in the Soundcloud player above! - The Beatforest

"Top 10 Toronto Musicians To Look Out For In 2016"

This folk-rock band is creating acoustic masterpieces with country music inspiring both the sound and lyrics of their music. The group of four focuses on meaningful lyrics sung with a slight twang by vocalists Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover. After their success as being voted Toronto’s Best New Artist in the 2015 CBC Searchlight contest, Wild Rivers has just released another single, ‘Wandering Child,’ and will be in the studio in 2016. Keep a lookout for more great singles from this group, and check out their Soundcloud for some jams! - The Culture Trip

"Wild Rivers"

Wild Rivers is an indie-folk band based in Toronto, Ontario.

Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein began performing as ‘Devan & Khalid’ at Queen’s University in 2012. We started playing acoustic covers of songs and soon progressed to writing and performing our own music.

We became established in the Queen’s music community, and absolutely loved playing at all the student bars and events. We recorded a 3-track EP, ‘This Town’, which was released in February of 2014. It was this EP which pushed us out of our comfort zone and opened our minds to a full-time pursuit of music after graduation. It was always something that we had dreamed of, but the positive reception that we received from releasing ‘This Town’ showed us that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, which was very exciting to realize.

After graduating in May 2015, we moved back home and have been establishing ourselves in the Toronto music scene (while still playing lots in Kingston and surrounding areas!). We were voted ‘Toronto’s Best New Artist’ in this year’s CBC Searchlight contest back in May, which gave us access to local and national radio play, and lots of the exposure that we needed. Since then, we have been playing shows in major cities in Ontario and Quebec, and have been recording our new material for our upcoming debut album!

This summer, we teamed up with fellow Queen’s graduate, Ben Labenski, who is an exceptional drummer, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Andrew Oliver, and became ‘Wild Rivers’. We recently released our debut single as Wild Rivers, called ‘Wandering Child’, which has already gained over 40,000 hits and national radio play! We are feeling very inspired and motivated to pave and tackle the road ahead in 2016.

What inspires our music?

Both Khalid and Devan share a love for some of the classic folk artists, such as James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, and Fleetwood Mac. Our music is definitely inspired by lots of singer-songwriters from that era, as well as lots of newer artists (lots of Canadians!) such as Bahamas and City and Colour. Our lyrics are inspired by the classic theme of love, as well as anything that resonates with us on a day-to-day basis. Khalid wrote the lyrics of the songs on ‘This Town’, and one of the tracks ‘Paul Simon’, was an ode to Kingston, a city we love(d) so much! - The Brave Art Lab

"Wild Rivers - "Wandering Child""

Check out Wild Rivers (Toronto, ON) lovely new folk track called “Wandering Child”! The band changed their name from Devan & Khalid following the duo’s release of their first EP, “This Town”, gaining national airplay, as well as being voted Toronto’s best new artist in the 2015 CBC Searchlight contest. After all the success, the two-sum transitioned into a four-piece and changed their name to Wild Rivers. I think it’s very safe to say that the new version of the band is a good one – The debut track “Wandering Child” is fantastic! Okay, This is when you sit back, relax and click “play” below! - Indie Underground

"Track: Wandering Child | Artist: Wild Rivers"

Painting a euphony of acoustic indie folk, balanced harmonies and graceful vibrato, Wild Rivers' debut track Wandering Child is the perfect companion to warm you up for the cold months ahead!

Based out of Toronto, Ontario and recently revived as a four-piece ensemble, Wild Rivers' are taking Southern Ontario by storm with their wide-ranging indie rock ballads and laid back folk jams. Formerly known as Devan & Khalid, the Kingston-based duo have grown to include Oakville musicians Ben Labenski and Andrew Oliver, both bringing dynamic instrumentation and energy to the Wild Rivers team. One of our favourite tracks from Devan & Khalid's duo career, Fish On A Hook, was a wonderful prelude to Wandering Child; making way for a cohesive sound to develop in wake of the band's new venture.

Opening with soft guitar and on-point melodies, Wandering Child reminisces of Canadian road trips from coast to coast. The uplifting harmonies bring a very real and grounding element to the track, striking a beautiful parallel to the meaning behind Wild Rivers' rustic name. Check out Wild Rivers at their social spots below and grab the free download of Wandering Child at their track page here!

http://www.thebeatforest.com/#!Track-Wandering-Child-Artist-Wild-Rivers/c112t/564609fb0cf21009be859184 - The Beatforest

"Devan and Khalid is Wild Rivers"

Queen’s very own Devan & Khalid have recently announced the exciting news that they will now be performing as Wild Rivers​! They have expanded the band to 4 members, adding drummer Ben Labenski and bassist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Oliver. Over the years, we have all learned to fall in love with Devan & Khalid and I’m sure many of us have been to at least one of their shows. They recently made this announcement and followed it up with a high energy outdoor performance at Queen’s Homecoming. Their set was absolutely amazing, as they kept the huge crowd singing and dancing the whole time.

I recently checked out their debut single “Wandering Child” and was blown away. It is everything I imagined and more! Their music is still anchored in the folk roots that we are familiar with, but now, with a full band, it has evolved to a more expansive and full-bodied sound that layers beautifully to compliment Devan & Khalid’s harmonies. The lyrics are honest, insightful and vulnerable in a way that really allows us to connect to the artists. And yes, the chorus is infectiously catchy, just as we have come to expect from Devan & Khalid!

I have always loved their music and of course, they are incredibly talented musicians with so much potential. But now, with Wild Rivers, 2 new band members and a renewed commitment to their art, I truly believe that they will fully reach that potential. When I first heard that Devan & Khalid would continue pursuing music as Wild Rivers I couldn’t help but feel like they were doing something so refreshing, especially in this day and age, where so many young people are worried about what job they will get or how they are going to fit into the “real world”. I think that Devan, Khalid, Ben and Andrew are showing that maybe it isn’t so much about how your are going to fit into the “real world”, but more about how you are going to be happy in your own world. I really hope that this serves as an inspiration, and an encouraging nudge to any musician out there who is on the fence about whether or not to follow their passion.

“We felt like we owed it to ourselves to follow our dreams and pursue something we truly loved. We haven’t looked back.”

– Devan & Khalid

This is part 1 of many, and I can’t wait to continue to cover their progress as they embrace their new identity, as Wild Rivers!

Stay tuned friends. - The Vault


'Wild Rivers' LP (April 16, 2016) - Wild Rivers

'Already Gone' Single (2016) - Wild Rivers

'Wandering Child' Single (2015) - Wild Rivers

'This Town' EP (2014) - Devan & Khalid