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Queensbury, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Queensbury, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Blues




"Best Rock Band 2014"

Best Rock Band

Wild Adriatic

Repeat winners in this category, Wild Adriatic have grown into a force of nature. They’re the best big-stage rock band this region has seen in quite a while, headlining most of the local street fests and outdoor concert series. For shorthand, we’ll just call them Best Rock Band. If band battles were still the way these things were decided, we’d put our money on these guys up against just about anyone. - Metroland

"Wild Adriatic Live Review : Mercury Lounge"

The four-man outfit, Wild Adriatic, played Mercury Lounge along with Basement Batman and Deadbeat Darling on Saturday August 18th. The group put on an outstanding performance that had even the most reluctant audience members jumping and jiving.

Wild Adriatic came next and immediately exploded into song, perfectly synchronized. The quartet has their live performance down. Beyond the music being flawlessly tight; they don’t give you a moment to look away, rolling into each song without pause. Having a great deal of classic influences, they also manage to stay relevant with infectious melodies and tons of soul. On one of the group’s more potent and funky songs “New Sun Rising,” the Lead Singer, Travis Gray, showed off his dynamic falsetto and every bandmate energetically jammed along. The audience joined in clapping in rhythm with the music, breaking down any stage/audience boundaries. The band later delighted the audience with an on point rendition of “Helter Skelter,” as drummer Mateo Vosganian pounded the cymbals, capturing the quintessence of this pop/rock/soul/blues ensemble. On one of their more heartbreaking songs “Lion In Its Cage,” guitarist Shane Gilman stood behind bassist Rich Derbyshire, holding down his frets playfully. Wild Adriatic is definitely a band that knows how to have fun on stage and share that sentiment with an audience. - Relix

"Barons in the Attic, Wild Adriatic, & Deer Tick @ Putnam Den REVIEW"

Wild Adriatic is an untamed force that flows with such soul, it quickly catches you off guard and sucks you in. The rock and roll group infuses their music with plenty of funky guitar solos and groovy melodies. Shane Gilman on lead guitar has serious range for vocals and can really hit those high notes. Rich Derbyshire shows no problem of dropping heavy bass notes while Travis Gray shreds on his guitar and keyboard. Mateo Vosganian provides steady beats all night, setting the ultimate dancing rhythm. From the band’s latest album, Lock & Key, they played “Spark” which is just that, a spark that explodes and grows all over the room with sharp guitar riffs and symbols. “Make like a Ghost” sends out a groovy melody that rises and picks you up with soulful harmonies. Wild Adriatic ended the night with their friends from Barons in the Attic, who all participated in their rendition of The Beatles “With a Little Help From my Friends.” Putnam Den was in perfect unison as bands and fans sang for the celebration of the weekend. Wild Adriatic announced their Halloween Show will be with Barons in the Attic at the Bayou in Albany, NY on October 25th.

Wild Adriatic had this to say about the show, “when we close our set, we like to invite other bands, friends, promoters or anyone on stage to sing with us. It’s just a good time for us, and the crowd seems to enjoy it. We never really plan it. We just ask people up last minute. Everyone knows the song and we don’t care if its good or not. It’s about fun and fun is why we all got into playing music in the first place!” For more shows and information, go to their website wildadriatic.com - Upstate LIVE

"Wild Adriatic Believes in Being Friendly"

Wild Adriatic drummer Mateo Vosganian has a simple explanation for why his band has been so successful in only a little over a year and a half of existence — they’re friendly... - The Daily Gazette

"Next Charity Concert: Wild Adriatic 6/13"

Great Music. Great Beer. Great Cause. Bring friends. Good times are better with good friends.

Don’t miss this band. Don’t.

Music at 7:30 with Charlie Scopoletti.
8:00 with Kristina Koller.
Wild Adriatic on around 8:40.

Wild Adriatic have many brilliant covers but I’ll just say what you’ll be saying after you listen to this one. This cover is better than the Adele original. I can hear the “dude you are crazy!” comments but listen then apologize. - All Things Next

"Wild Adriatic returns to Hurley's Nightclub"

On March 15, Wild Adriatic returned to Hurley’s for a Friday-night show that was warmly welcomed by loyal and adoring fans (some were even wearing fan tees, and those that didn’t could purchase one at the merchandise table in the back of the nightclub). As I settled in for the evening, the audience chatted excitedly. Sam Lasky, an avid musician and sophomore student here at Potsdam, was looking forward to Wild Adriatic: “Their sound is infectious and energetic and always draws you in,” said Lasky. “It’s what keeps me coming back.”
MoChester, a four-man band from Rochester whose name is a collision of their hometown and Motown, opened the show. It was their first time in Potsdam (cue the cold weather joke), but I am already cheering them on for a return. The band – Brandon Sheffer on lead vocals and guitar, Jonathan Sheffer on keys, guitar and backup vocals, Ben Overmyer on bass guitar, and Alex Melville on drums – is currently recording their second album, and if it mirrors their performance, it will be an eclectic mix of genres with endearing and meaningful lyrics.
Sheffer has great vocal control with a thrilling range that sings and rings above a contrast of gritty guitar riffs and thumping bass lines. They opened their set with originals “Between the Sheets” and “I’m Into You” that had a hard sound and a laid-back tempo, maintaining a lower energy that kept the crowd interested in a head-nodding, slow-swaying way. Their covers, on the other hand, changed up and shook up the mood: Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up” fit perfectly into Sheffer’s aforementioned voice, and the songs were flawlessly recreated while still preserving their original light-hearted feel. The band is still touring, and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@mochester) and YouTube (MoChesterBand), or visit them at www.mochester.com.
After a brief intermission, the houselights dimmed and the stage was aglow. (Speaking of, can I give a quick shout out to SES for their new, improved and impeccable lighting? From the stage to the dance floor, the entire system was impressively rigged). Wild Adriatic took the stage with a generous round of applause. Coming from Saratoga Springs, the band is slowly settling in the music world, having earned a spot alongside bands such as MuteMath, Flogging Molly, and Third Eye Blind. The Huffington Post said they are “full of rocking blues, soul and depth,” and USAToday has claimed they are “an act to get behind.” As the band got on stage and soared into their first song, I could already see why: they may have dressed like bow-tied gentlemen but they played like they meant serious business.
Their eccentric dress code pulled them together, their unspoken camaraderie kept them there, and their overriding talent solidified the union. In all aspects, they were a band. Travis Gray (lead vocals and guitar) has an impressive upper register and a soulful mid-range with a smooth transition between the two. Shane Gilman showed his own skills with guitar solos and riffs with full support from Rich Derbyshire on bass and Mateo Vosganian excitedly banging away on the drums. While playing, they were in their own slamming, jamming world: solos became duels that turned into battles in order to push one another to play harder, faster and better. The audience was kept interested with friendly banter and genuine showmanship. The band’s gritty charm, gripping energy and raw power came from whirlwinds of guitar riffs, defiant bass lines, powerful drum fills and a voice that belted big and strong.
Wild Adriatic’s new EP “Lock & Key” is out now, and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@wildadriatic), and YouTube along with their personal website www.wildadriatic.com. - The Racquette

"Q&A with Wild Adriatic: On Facial Hair, Live Shows and World Domination"

SARATOGA SPRINGS — I recently got a chance to sit down with the hilariously rambunctious members of local 518 favorite, Wild Adriatic.

The Queensbury natives are known for their 60s and 70s sound (the vibe is completed with the most ambitious afro I’ve ever seen on a 23-year-old bass guitarist), energetic and boisterous live shows and seem to be one of the area’s most promising local acts. The band includes vocal leader and guitarist Travis Gray (who has an awesome falsetto and guitar skills), drummer Mateo Vosganian (characterized by his impressively long beard), bass guitarist Rich Derbyshire (as earlier mentioned, the bassist with a larger-than-life afro), and guitarist Shane Gilman, who unfortunately couldn't make it to the interview. The band is currently keeping busy recording demos and writing songs for their new album, which they hope to release by early next year, and playing shows often—this weekend they’ll be one of the highlights at the much-awaited MOVE Music Festival in Albany.

Saratoga TODAY: How did you guys meet and form Wild Adriatic?

Travis: Mateo and I grew up in same neighborhood—we played in a band when I was 14 and he was 16, and then he went off to college and we both played in other bands. Rich went to Queensbury High School with us—he’s the baby of the band, and we’ve known him for a long time but didn’t play with him until about a year and a half ago. Then I ended up coming back around to play with Mateo again in 2011 and found Rich in August of 2011, so it all just came together randomly.

Mateo: Our first real push was our Lock and Key EP. When we put The Lion EP out, we were figuring out what the hell was going on and how to make music, and then the second EP was like, ‘Alright, we might be alright,’ and now we’re going to make a record that I think is going to be okay. Hopefully we make one that’s good one day—I think we’ll get there [laughs].

ST: Your band gives out a definite 60s/70s vibe. What draws you to that type of sound?

Travis: For one, I think it’s just really good. We are big fans of it, so we like to play stuff that’s reminiscent of it.

Mateo: I like its simplicity, and I like the fact that music and technique have come a long way since then. I listen to drummers that played back then and they played really cool, really thoughtful, all-about-the-song-itself parts, and they’re just there to serve the song and the music—but they play with this technique that’s genuine and not quite refined. So now I get to play that kind of music, but with a refined technique. We get to play music we love, but we have a different take on it because we play with updated styles.

ST: Your live shows are super energetic. How do you guys prepare to keep up onstage?

Travis: I work out a lot—got to keep that endurance up. I do a lot of bike riding so I don’t run out of breath when I sing [laughs].

Mateo: I’m a drum teacher and I play an open mic every week, and we practice two to three times a week and play shows two to three times a week, so I’m playing all the time—I really just love to play drums.

Rich: When I practice I’m kind of jumping around anyway—at home I’m always jumping around. It’s weird—if you ever come to my house and I’m practicing, it’s going to be weird [laughs].

Mateo: A big thing for us is video, too. We will go for a long stretch of shows where we videotape every show and then watch it and say, ‘Oh, we suck,’ or we’ll notice, ‘Oh, that was really cool and kind of accidental,’ and we’ll try to repeat that and just add it in to our next show. Rich goes nuts—he joined the band and just goes crazy. He’s so reserved, but he gets up on stage and goes nuts.

ST: Mateo, you have a massive beard. Rich, you have a massive ‘fro. You guys want to tell me more about how that happened?

Rich: This ‘fro started as a joke, actually. We filmed our music video for our song “Letter” and the director wanted me to grow an afro. It was barely there, and we filmed it and I figured I’d leave it for the CD release which was around the corner, and then thought I’d cut it after. But then I was like ‘Well, I’ve had it this long, so I might as well keep it.’ I didn’t know I could do this and now it’s here and I’m just working with it.

Mateo: The same exact thing happened with me. I was like, ‘My face is getting really dirty, but I’m not doing anything or need to get a haircut anytime soon,’ so I just let it happen. And then I went on tour, and it was three years before I cut my hair or even touched my beard with a pair of scissors. And by the way, No Shave November is bullcrap—it’s No Shave Life, everyone knows that. The best charity you can have is a beard on your face.

ST: What is your songwriting process like?

Travis: I do the writing, but we do a little collaboration—somebody will usually throw out an idea, like Mateo threw out some lines for Lock and Key.

Mateo: If something isn’t working out, we’ll all throw out things. In the past, we ha - Saratoga Today

"Video - Wild Adriatic "Cooperstown" Live In Relix Offices"

http://www.relix.com/video/live-at-relix/2013/04/08/wild-adriatic-cooperstown - Relix

"Flogging Molly @ the Palace Theatre, 6/16/12"

by Michael Eck
ALBANY – “All Irish songs are rebel songs.”
There’s little doubt that Dave King believes that bit of Celtic propaganda.
King’s band, Flogging Molly, shut down the North American leg of its current tour with a walloping show at the Palace Theatre on Saturday night, and indeed, just about every number sounded like a rebel song.
The band is on the road promoting its latest release, “Speed of Darkness,” which relentlessly documents the plight of the working man while hammering fiddle tune melodies with punk rock intensity.
The band inspires — heck, almost requires — a similar intensity in its fans, and the energy was going both ways at the Palace.
Longtime favorites like “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” and “Drunken Lullabies” charged the entire place. But the cheering crowd also lent an ear to new tunes like “The Power’s Out,” “Oliver Boy,” “Saints & Sinners” and “Speed’s” powerful title tune.
The secret to Molly’s sound is its juxtaposition of traditional elements — fiddle, tin whistle, accordion, mandolin — with the sheer power of rock and roll rhythm section.
King’s raspy voice, which first found its way to American ears in the British metal band Fastway, fits both styles well and his Dublin accent is icing on the cake.
The group has played the area a number of times, but never in a room as large as the Palace (only tickets on the floor were sold, none in the balcony). Its sound translated well to the larger space even if the band leaned almost constantly on the higher end of the dynamic range.
Even an acoustic mini-set featuring a fantastic “The Sun Never Shines (on Closed Doors)” rocked hard.
Guitarist Dennis Casey’s young son sat stageside throughout the show and even joined King and drummer George Schwindt to beat on the skins during dad’s epic, frenzied guitar solo.
The fact that it was the last night before a four day break and a trip across the Atlantic meant that the Palace received a knockout set.
The entire evening, in fact, was a satisfying experience.
Tour mates Outernational offered a set that was exciting although sometimes comic in its commitment to “revolution.”
The band, led by lank livewire singer Miles Solay, occasionally recalled The Clash and Suicide, but more often the obscure Mano Negra. There were moments — some of the best, some of the worst — that seemed channeled from CBGB circa 1983.
Local wonders The Wild Adriatic opened the night with a remarkably tasty set of guitar rock with pop vocals. Flashes of Thin Lizzy and early Fleetwood Mac mingled with soulful falsetto and tight grooves. They’ll want to drop the tepid set-closing “Hound Dog” from the set, but originals like “Letter” and a lean, tough version of Bill Wither’s “Use Me” are excellent calling cards.

with The Wild Adriatic and Outernational
When: 8 p.m. Saturday.
Where: The Palace Theatre, 19 Clinton Avenue, Albany
Length: The Wild Adriatic, 30 minutes; Outernational, 45 minutes; Flogging Molly, 100 minutes.
Highlights: The ‘acoustic’ take of “The Sun Never Shines (on Closed Doors).”
Upcoming: John Prine and Lucinda Williams bring music back to the Palace in August.

Michael Eck is a freelance writer from Albany and a frequent contributor to the Times Union. - The Times Union

"Wild Adriatic - Best Rock Band of 2013"

Best Rock Band

Wild Adriatic

Saratoga quartet Wild Adriatic got a big bump last year from Relix Magazine, who debuted a couple of their videos from Lock and Key. Now they’re off playing big festival bills like Gathering of the Vibes. And deservedly so. Their ’70s-vintage rock is full of meaty riffs and Travis Gray’s falsetto is nothing short of gossamer. - Metroland

"BAEBLE MUSIC VIDEOS: Wild Adriatic - The Letter"

Current Favorites.

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"Local band Wild Adriatic to release new album 'Big Suspicious'"

ALBANY >> With all the new noise in 2014, it’s easy to forget what good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll sounds like.

Don’t worry, Wild Adriatic will remind you.

The local rock ‘n’ rollers have been working hard on their new release and debut full-length “Big Suspicious,” which comes out Jan. 21.

The trio, frontman Travis Gray, bassist Rich Derbyshire and drummer Mateo Vosganian, are rolling heavy into the new year and couldn’t be riding on a better vehicle than “Big Suspicious.”

“Our new album is a pure expression of who this band is,” Vosganian said.

Tracks like “Mess Around” and “Cooperstown” prove the band’s ability to write catchy, danceable and well-crafted rock tunes — the combination also makes for one hell of a live show experience when the guys hit the stage.

Slower tracks like “Holding You” and “Walk for Miles,” showcase the band’s soft, sensitive and soul-influenced side, but the album at large is a rock ‘n’ roll gem.

On writing the twelve songs before hitting the studio, “the ideas just flowed,” Vosganian said. Recorded while living together for several weeks in a studio in Argyle, “We really had the chance to grow together and let the songs develop in the studio.”

The do-it-yourselfers chose to self-record “Big Suspicious,” with Gray at the helm engineering and mixing the tunes, rather than putting their music in someone else’s hands.

Like many up-and-coming artists who lack the dollars needed to do their craft, Wild Adriatic turned to crowdfunding in creating “Big Suspicious.” To their surprise, the band raised more than $11,000 for the project, funded by more than 250 fans from more than six countries.

“The outpouring of love and support when we launched the campaign amazed us and we were so excited to reach our goal,” Vosganian said.

Even better, the DIY effot and abundant fan support is paying off. Wild Adriatic has worked their way into the limelight, playing sold out shows around the country and receiving national media attention. For these three rock ‘n’ rollers from upstate New York, it’s a well-deserved dream come true.

But they didn’t exactly do it alone.

“The word-of-mouth good will that has spread about the band has been our biggest asset to us thus far and we owe a lot of that to our home area,” Vosganian noted.

As for the future, Vosganian said, “we’re ready to continue the takeover in 2014.”

The band will be touring relentlessly throughout the new year.

First, it’s time to celebrate and rock out. Wild Adriatic’s official CD release party will take place at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18, at The Hollow, 79 N. Pearl St., Albany. Pianist/organist Pat Daley will be joining the trio on stage this evening, in addition to the horn section heard on the album. Opening the show are Buffalo-based Aqueous and locals Black Fox River Project.

The band is promising many surprises throughout this monumental show. The performance will be filmed for a live DVD that’s in the works. Immediately following the set, Mark Lombardo of Titanics will be DJing to keep the party going strong.

“Big Suspicious” will be available through all digital retailers, including iTunes, and at Wild Adriatic’s live shows.

For more information, go to www.wildadriatic.com. - The Saratogian

"Wild Adriatic: Upstate Rockers Head Downtown"

Wild Adriatic:
Bringing the Blues to Mercury Lounge and Beyond

Words by Christine Loughran

When it comes to all things Wild Adriatic, the rule of thumb is that there isn’t one. Just because their sound may speak to fans of early Rush and Led Zeppelin, doesn’t mean they necessarily fit into the classic rock scene. And don’t assume that just because the band often performs in New York City that its members live in Brooklyn.

Hailing from Saratoga Springs, this soulful rock trio is gearing up to take the stage this Friday night at Mercury Lounge in downtown Manhattan, where listeners can expect to hear a smattering of what drummer Mateo Vosganian refers to as ‘hometown rock and roll,’ and ‘sludgy, dirty blues-rock’ off their upcoming release, Big Suspicious.

The follow-up to last year’s Lock & Key EP, Vosganian says Big Suspicious encompasses “a new phase of our music that has received a great response beyond our home area.” Wild Adriatic’s new single, “Lonely” is just one tune that crowds are already going crazy for. “There’s a really great guitar solo that people don’t quite understand before they start freaking out about it,” he joked.

Vosganian also owes audiences’ enthusiasm about Big Suspicious to the overall versatility of its tracks, a quality so many artists of today often lack. “We’ve found that a lot of bands have throwback rock & roll roots, but even though we fit in that scene, our music is newer and we’re not writing the same songs over and over again,” Vosganian said.

Instead, along with band-mates Travis Gray (vocals) and Rich Derbyshire (lead guitarist), Vosganian spent four months writing and two weeks recording a “full-length album with a lot of different musical styles.” In addition to featuring the aforementioned ‘dirty blues’, the record, set to be released January 21st, is also massaged with lighter tones comparable to Marvin Gaye. And of course, the upstate rockers pay homage to their own roots, which are firmly planted in a town roughly 45 minutes from Albany, in the track “Cooperstown.” At this Friday’s show, also listen for stand-out tunes “Can’t Be Your Man” and “Holding You.”

Wild Adriatic’s upcoming gig is the latest in a string of supporting and headlining gigs over the past few months that include the main stage at July’s iconic Gathering of the Vibes music festival, as well as venues across central New York, Texas and Massachusetts with Brooklyn rockers, Black Taxi. See them perform alongside Swear & Shake and These Animals this Friday, December 6th at Mercury Lounge. Get your tickets here… - The Waster

"PREMIERE: Wild Adriatic "Lonely""

Saratoga Springs, New York's Wild Adriatic are premiering their new track, "Lonely," exclusively here on PureVolume today—listen above!

"Lonely" comes off the trio's forthcoming album, Big Suspicious, which will be released in January. Want to support the band? Wild Adriatic just launched their PledgeMusic campaign in support of the album, where contributing $15 will get you Big Suspicious on CD, $30 will get you a phone call from the band (or a signed beard comb or fro pick?), and it goes all the way up to $2,500 for a full band house concert. Bargain.

In the meantime, catch Wild Adriatic live this autumn!

10/13 - Albany, NY @ The Hollow
10/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Grand Victory (CMJ)
10/18 - New York, NY @ The Bitter End (CMJ)
10/19 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (CMJ)
10/25 - Lake George, NY @ Jungle Boogie Music Carnival
11/08 - Potsdam, NY @ SUNY Potsdam
11/09 - Rochester, NY @ The Firehouse Saloon
11/15 - Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn
11/16 - Ft. Worth, TX @ Queen City Music Hall
11/19 - San Antonio, TX @ 502 Bar
11/23 - Wimauma, FL @ Little Manatee River Jam
11/27 - Albany, NY @ The Hollow - PureVolume

"Wild Adriatic makes 'Big' move"

QUEENSBURY - Wild Adriatic is ready for the “big” time with a new album and some national media buzz.

In December, USA Today premiered the group’s single “Mess Around” on its online music page. A few days later, Rolling Stone featured the band’s song “Woe” as a daily download on its website.

“After this one-two punch, we got a bunch of inquiries. There’s been a steady build as our new record is about to come out,” said drummer Mateo Vosganian.

The Queensbury-based rock band, which also includes singer-guitarist Travis Gray and bassist Rich Derbyshire, will celebrate the release of its first full-length album, “Big Suspicious,” with a party Saturday at The Hollow in Albany.

For the trio, formerly a quartet, the studio recording is a natural reflection of its crowd-pleasing live performances.

“We went so in depth to produce this product. I love the whole recording process,” Derbyshire said.

With Gray overseeing production, the group had the opportunity to steer the project.

“We took the plunge of doing it ourselves,” Gray said.

The studio time was both freeing and nerve-racking.

“From an engineering standpoint, I could really go insane. I need people to help reel me in,” Gray said.

Jake Lavin, a former classmate from Queensbury High School, provided technical assistance.

“He really helped on the album,” Gray said. “He stayed with us the whole time.”

According to Vosganian, the new release captures the essence of Wild Adriatic.

“This album more accurately showcases what we are about than anything we’ve put out,” he said.

Although the group is getting national attention, the musicians have no plans to move away from Queensbury in search of something bigger. Gray lived in Nashville for some time, and Vosganian pursued a career in Los Angeles, but both musicians were drawn back to Queensbury for the quality of life.

“We’re not living in a city and spending thousands on rent,” Vosganian said.

Having lower living expenses gives the musicians more opportunity to invest in their music.

“We work really hard, and we’re really committed,” Gray said.

Positive attitude is a big part of the equation.

“We have told the universe time and time again that we are going to play music. This is what we are going to do,” Vosganian said.

And mainstream success seems to be in the cards.

The band’s reputation has extended well beyond upstate New York. Through social media, they are linked with fans around the world — and the band members keep up with everything written about them.

“I read everything. Sometimes, I might even overanalyze it,” Gray said.

Although impersonal on some levels, the Internet

has given the band a true connection with music lovers.

“You get this group of people who follow you, and you start to recognize names,” Gray said. “Eventually, when you meet them, they seem so familiar to you.”

The group will have more opportunity to meet its fans this year as it travels the country promoting the new album. The band will be out on the road in February, March, June, July and August.

“I’ve never toured before this band — and I’m loving it,” Derbyshire said.

Wild Adriatic is in charge of its own destiny, and

the musicians are excited about what is around the bend.

“This coming year is

going to be insane,” Gray said.


Wild Adriatic, accompanied by pianist Pat Daley, will hold a release party for the new album “Big Suspicious” at 8 p.m. Saturday at The Hollow, 79 Pearl St. in Albany. Aqueous and Black Fox River also will perform.

Connect with the band online at www.wildadriatic.com or through Facebook and Twitter. - The Post Star

"Premiere: Wild Adriatic's 'Mess Around'"

Earlier this year, Pop Candy guest blogger Jon Chattman called Wild Adriatic a band "you should get behind."

The line forms to the rear of Mess Around, the trio's new single, premiering at USA TODAY. A rock 'n' soul stomper punctuated by horn blasts and garage-rock guitar chords, Mess Around will appear on the group's debut album, Big Suspicious, out Jan. 21.

"Mess Around is one of those songs that took us by surprise," says drummer Mateo Vosganian, who formed Wild Adriatic in 2011 with singer/guitarist Travis Gray and bassist Rich Derbyshire. "As soon as we heard the beginning bass riff laid over the floor tom beat, we knew we had something. Several writing sessions in the band basement later and we had this tune polished up for live shows and have been opening our sets with it ever since."

The group, which has opened for the likes of Deer Tick, Matt & Kim and Third Eye Blind, still has a couple of 2013 dates on its books, including a New Year's Eve show in Portland, Me. - USA Today

"Video Premiere: Wild Adriatic's "Lonely""

Wild Adriatic's debut full-length album is slated for release on January 21, 2014. In anticipation of this recording, the group continues to tour with a southern run opening on November 15 in Austin, TX. Today we premiere a new video from Wild Adriatic for their song "Lonely." - Relix

"Exclusive Album Premiere: Wild Adriatic — 'Big Suspicious'"

Today, GuitarWorld.com presents the exclusive premiere of Big Suspicious, the new album by Saratoga Springs, New York-based Wild Adriatic.

The album will be released January 21.

The guitar-driven trio, who got together in 2011, are heavily influenced by Sixties and Seventies classic rock and soul. Their music has earned praise from Rolling Stone, USA Today, Relix ("flawlessly tight with infectious melodies and tons of soul"), PureVolume and Huffington Post ("full of rocking blues, soul, and depth").

They spent September 2013 locked up recording in upstate New York; now they're hitting the ground running with a U.S. tour to promote the new record. They've played with everyone from Deertick to Matt & Kim to Phantogram to Flogging Molly.

For more about Wild Adriatic, visit their official website and Facebook page. And be sure to tell us what you think of the album in the comments or on Facebook! - Guitar World

"'Woe' by Wild Adriatic - Free MP3"

Artist: Wild Adriatic
Song: "Woe"
Album: Big Suspicious

"The song is about giving all of yourself to somebody, even though you know you're not going to get anything in return, and eventually realizing that you'd rather be alone," Travis Gray tells Rolling Stone. Mateo Vosganian adds, "While writing the record we gave the song a working title, 'Whoa,' and while we were finalizing lyrics and song titles it dawned on me. 'Woe' sums up the sentiment of this song perfectly." - Rolling Stone


Still working on that hot first release.



** On tour in the U.S. Now **
TOUR DATES: http://www.wildadriatic.com/tour

"Lonely" Music Video - 
"Mess Around" Music Video - http://bit.ly/1fFLjL8
"Woe" Live - http://bit.ly/1cC51TE
"Mess Around" Live from Bordesholm, Germany - http://bit.ly/1CGn2yI

Wild Adriatic, touring out of Saratoga Springs NY, played 175 live dates in over 10 countries in 2014 alone and is on track to match that in 2015. Rolling Stone, Relix Magazine, Huffington Post, and USA Today have all featured the band, and they've supported everyone from Grand Funk Railroad to J Roddy Walston and the Business to Blues Traveler, moe., Robert Randolph and the Family Band, MuteMath, and more. Festival appearances include Bonnaroo, SXSW, Gathering of the Vibes, moe.down, Summer Camp, and more.

WA finished 2014 out strong with a 5 week headlining stint in Europe, before returning home to a packed hometown New Years celebration. 2015 has seen the band consistently on the road across the US, ending their winter with a 6 week residency in Austin, TX leading up to this year's SXSW Festival in addition to being featured in a theatrical commercial for Dolby Laboratories. Appearances at Bonnaroo, Summer Camp Music Festival, and headlining slots at clubs and smaller festivals throughout the US are on the docket for the rest of 2015 touring. 

The music is high energy, riffy rock and soul music. A power trio to rival any you've seen before, the band has built a strong following based off the powerhouse live show, which has been touted as "Flawlessly tight with infectious melodies & tons of soul" by Relix Magazine and "Full of rocking blues, soul, and depth"  by the Huffington Post. 
Festivals played: Gathering of the Vibes, SXSW, CMJ, Moe.Down, Strange Creek Campout, WEQX's Pearlpalooza, WMNF's Tropical Heatwave Festival, Muskifest, Mile of Music Festival, Blues on the Beach Festival, Utica Music & Arts Festival, Last Daze of Summer Festival, American Music Festival for the Lake,  Disc Jam Music Festival, Street Eats and Beats Festival, Coney Island On Tap Festival, Move Music Festival, Herndon Festival, Old Port Festival, New Jersey State Fair, Rockin' on the River, Alive @ 5, Empire State Plaza Food Festival, Troy Pig Out Festival, SAWfest, Restoration Festival

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