Wild Bill Young

Wild Bill Young


Once you hear Wild Bill Young, you will become an instant fan. "His ground-breaking sound has set Nashville on fire said, legendary radio and TV personality, Billy Block. " Wild Bill is an authentic artist and entertainer that is destined for stardom.


Wild Bill’s authentic country sound is rooted in his boyhood cross-country trips with his father, an over-the-road trucker. Riding through the south, he would often listen to the radio and sing along with such greats as Hank Williams Sr., Charlie Pride and George Jones. As he sang his father encouraged him to not just imitate the greats, but to find his own unique voice.

In his teen years, side-tracked by the temptations of street life, he gained the moniker, “Wild Bill.” Despite the cold realities that he experienced, Bill never lost his love for Country music and passion for singing.

One night, having hit rock bottom, Bill found himself in a cold basement staring at a black-and-white television when Grand Ole Opry appeared on the screen. “I felt delivered. I knew that it was time for me to start a new life,” he recalls. Knowing that it would be his way out, that very night Bill was inspired to write his first original country single, “Next Train To Nashville.” Since that fateful evening, he has written over additional songs, and captured the hearts of thousands of fans.

Throughout his recording career Bill, who writes all of his own original lyrics, has been blessed to work with several platinum-selling producers, including hit-makers Steve Blast and MO Beatz. The majority of Bill’s music, however, is born from his collaborations with St. Louis’ own Super Producer, Willie Woods, who also produced the Grammy nominated multi-platinum Nappy Roots hit, “Po Folks” and Nelly’s platinum single “Ride With Me.”

The duet of Young and Woods is now poised to take the Country Music world by storm with a sound that can only be described as completely original. Audiences will be wowed by Bill’s ability to authentically sing country classics and contemporary originals.


Next Train To Nashville
Knock Back
Helping Hand
Told Y'all
It's A B#tch When