"wildbleedingheart speak of lonely disturbances, love & moments of calm & escape, with music that brings to mind a fuzzy, colorful realm of muffled joy with drums that splash & bubble like ocean waves", says The Source Weekly.


In his 26 years, Daniel Miller has lived through some
rough times.
“I spent a lot of time in the hospital when I was a
kid,” says Miller, the Bend songwriter, singer and
multi-instrumentalist who calls his emerging music
project wildbleedingheart. “I’ve had nine surgeries,
had a colon removed, a clamp left in me…the list goes
on and on.”
In 1995, Miller was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – a
bowel disease that causes inflammation and ulceration
throughout the digestive tract. As a result, he’s
probably felt more pain than most people will feel in
their entire life, and his digestive system is all but
completely destroyed. Add to all that, a serious
injury in a car crash at the age of 15, the recent,
sudden death of his father…the list does, indeed, go
Still, speaking with Miller, he’d have you believe he
doesn’t have it all that bad. He’s friendly, smiling,
and unquestionably in love with his art, and seemingly
with life in general. From more than a decade of pain,
real beauty has emerged.
A thoroughly self-taught musician, Daniel Miller
started out playing the piano by ear. He picked up the
guitar around age 10, and started playing and
composing. Some ten years on, the sound of Miller’s
recent wildbleedingheart recordings – on which he
plays guitar, piano, drums, bass and sings may be most
convenient to describe as shoegaze or indie pop.
wildbleedingheart has listed their contact information should you need guidance.


In a midnight sun

Written By: danielmichaelmiller

I've seen that face before, in a midnight sun. I looked confused, you know, in a midnight sun.

chorus; I'm used to the light, but this ain't right. Your used to it now, some how. It's not that way for me.

They will chase us if we run, in a midnight sun. So surrender to your drugs, in a midnight sun,



I have a self titled EP I made in a day on St. Patricks day weekend. I have 5 out of the 10 tracks on my myspace site.

Set List

My sets are like the ocean, ever changing.
1-into each other
2-if I was a child
3-a romantic disregard for money
4-in a suitcase town
5-crooked rain
6-she speaks
7-are fast moving clouds the soul of a ghost?
8-dead wreckoning
9-she drives hard
11-hard to get
12-somethings happen once
14-bird in a cage
15-a display of brevity
16-the pouring facts of sleeping on light
17-blind angels don't look back
19-disappearing noises
20-the fragile supports of reality
21-from someone such as yourself
22-in a midnight sun
23-so close, so soon
24-wildbleedinghearts never die