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Wild Bores

Nashville, Illinois, United States

Nashville, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Pop


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"Selected Quotes"

“They’re not afraid to play what they like without worrying about how
the end result will be perceived.”

Ken Keenan
Showcase Music Magazine

“Broad Ripple Music Fest: The out of town act that impressed me most
was singer/guitarist John Whildin of the rock outfit Wild Bores.”

John Fanon
Nuvo Weekly

“Wild Bores offer twangy, tangy far above-the-boards acoustic guitar pop.
The lyrics are delicious, and the melodies go down smooth as well.

Gwen Inhat
Illinois Entertainer

“A great simple pop feel that reminds me of the Connells. Thanks for a
great show.”

Joe Shanahan (letter to the band)
Chicago Metro, Owner

All above quotes/reviews were written prior to the release of the new CD. - Various

"Minor 7th (Feb 2009)"

Wild Bores (get the double entendre?) is the nom de plume of singer/songwriter John Whidlin and a posse of fine supporting musicians. Akin to the reflective, and hopelessly sentimental artistry of Paul Westerburg, Ray Davies, John Mellencamp, Fountains of Wayne, and the master of them all, Bruce Springsteen, Whidlin's wistful tales of dreams and lovers gone awry makes for great pop rock 'n' roll. Strong melodies coupled with tight, lean guitar driven arrangements which effortlessly balance acoustic and electric settings afford Wild Bores a timeless veneer. "Sometimes I was a baseball player / sometimes I was a soothsayer" from "My Home Town" is the stuff of great imagery when delivered by Whidlin. Jilted romantics will raise a beer to "You're Killing Me." And be sure to check out the prog-rock motif to "Creepy Lives" -- how did he do that in a pop song!? Don't let the name fool you, Wild Bores is a great record. ©
- Tom Semioli - Short Takes

"Kool Kat Musik (Jan 2009)"

The debut from Wild Bores' (a.k.a John Whildin) brings diverse pop/rock by mixing a dynamic blend of influences from two distinct music scenes: Chicago and Nashville. This album features performances and collaborations with artists: Brian Chard, Glenn Kotche (Wilco), and Dan Leali (Poi Dog Pondering). The guitar-fueled, harmony-filled, roots pop music contained here is characterized by underlying rock and pop rhythms couching catchy melodies and lyrics that breathe new life into everyday experiences. "Jangly, twangly and full of hooks - extremely catchy, intelligent, rootsy pop at it's very best is what Wild Bores are all about! The influences abound - REM (the poppier side), Wilco (ditto), Nirvana (ditto - see 'Let Me In' for proof)), Smashing Pumpkins (ditto), Rich Creamy Paint, The Windbreakers, the dB's (just to name but a few) - Whildin's certainly got some mighty exquisite taste when it comes to the influences he exhibits throughout this hook-filled debut. And it's all done with an intelligent, astute pop sensibility that sets this one apart from the rest of the pack for sure!"
- Max Humphries

Very well put Max! While listening/preparing to review the record, I must have replayed the jangly pop gem (with a killer hook) "You're Killing Me" ten (10) times in a row (I've done it on several occasions after that as well) - it's my "Song Of The Year" (so far anyway) it's THAT good! GREAT!!!!
- Ray Gianchetti - New Releases

"Powerpopaholic (June 2009)"

The Wild Bores are neither wild, nor are they boring. Singer/songwriter John Whildin put together a band rooted in traditional Chicago pop with some Nashville influences. It features studio performances and collaborations with Brian Chard (always dependable bassist and guitarist), Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and Dan Leali (Poi Dog Pondering). The laid back opening "Whatever makes you happy" is like a comfortable shoe that just feels right and shuffles along. Whildin combines the lyrical slices of blue collar life similar to Bruce Springsteen with the melodic touch of Fountains of Wayne. Vocally, he reminds me of Chris Stamey a little bit. "My Home Town" has a very Ray Davies feel, where he describes "Sometimes I was a baseball player ...sometimes I was a soothsayer." The simple acoustic arrangements fit perfectly with the electric guitar touches in the chorus. It's deceptively simple and makes the rebellious rant "Hands on it" amazingly compelling to listen to. Other songs wander along ("Time Wasted," "Lovely Place") but always deliver the goods by the time the chorus kicks in. "Chasing A Revelation" is another highlight here with clean riffs and sweet harmonies. This is introspective thinking man's pop for your ipod's playlist. - Powerpopaholic (June 2009)

"Not Lame Recordings (June 2009)"

The Wild Bores sounds like the pure poppiest version of Pavement, if they were more direct, as the guitar lines are so spiffy and riffy.

Evokes memories of The Vulgar Boatmen, Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, The Black Watch and for the more obscure minded, Rich Creamy Paint and Self. At times

It has a rootsy pop core that will be appealing to Not Lamers.

- Bruce Brodeen - New Reviews

"Absolute Power Pop (Jan 2009)"

EP Review
Wild Bores is Nashville-via-Chicago's John Whildin, and the sound here captures a mix of both of those cities: roots rock with a midwestern feel. The four tracks here are all outstanding in a Summerteeth-era Wilco kind of way, albeit a bit less ornately produced. A year-end EP contender, subject to being superseded by the scheduled full-length which is supposed to include these four tracks.

Full-length (follow-up review)
We told you about the teaser EP for this disc, and with the turn of the year, the full-length is now out. Wild Bores is Nashville-via-Chicago's John Whildin, and the sound here captures a mix of both of those cities: roots rock with a midwestern feel. "Whatever Makes You Happy" opens the disc and captures the essence of Whildin's sound - kind of a lighter Jayhaws/Wilco/Gin Blossoms mix. "My Home Town" has a Jeff-Tweedy-circa-Being-There feel, and "Lovely Place" is sweetly melodic. Anyone who enjoyed the recent Leave disc will enjoy this as well, as of course anyone who picked up the EP last year.

- Steve Ferra

- Sunday Night Roundup


1. Whatever Makes You Happy
2. My Home Town
3. You're Killing Me
4. Hands on It
5. Time Wasted
6. Cannonball Ride
7. Lovely Place
8. Creepy Lives
9. Chasing a Revelation
10. Let Me In



Wild Bores is rooted in traditional power pop. Their name reflects their mantra of not taking themselves too seriously: Just keep pluggin' away and don’t worry about the rest. The band was formed by singer/songwriter John Whildin in Chicago.

Wild Bores' self-titled new album delivers a bird’s-eye view of the group's studio recordings, past and present. It features collaborations with Brian Chard (always dependable bassist and guitarist), Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and Dan Leali (Poi Dog Pondering).

Before forming Wild Bores, Whildin co-founded the techno-rock group Tic Tah, frequent Chicago Metro headliners and “Star Search” finalists. His exemplary work on keyboards and guitar later landed him a spot with Midwest college favorites Odd Man Out. During these years he began writing his own songs and shaping the sound of Wild Bores. The band actively performed and recorded during the mid-late ‘90s before dissolving in 2000.

Today, Whildin and Chard are re-introducing Wild Bores. They’re busy remixing gems from back in the day while writing and recording new material. Wild Bores is planning to release another album for Fall 2009.