wild carrot

wild carrot


Contemporary folk rooted in tradition... Dig deep.


Pam Temple and Spencer Funk are wild carrot. This Cincinnati-based, award-winning group has what it takes to please all types of folk music fans. Rooted in traditional American music, their repertoire branches in diverse directions: from award-winning original songs to swing, from traditional and not-so-traditional folk songs to show tunes and blues. They perform interesting arrangements with vocals, guitar, mandolin, concertina, penny whistle, dulcimer and the occasional bowed psaltery. In quartet with their Roots Band (Brenda Wolfersberger and Brandt Smith), they expand to to four vocals and add bass, banjo and dobro. Wild carrot's entertaining and moving performances have something for everyone. Their performances have often been described as "honest, soothing, uplifting and fun all at the same time", moving an audience from laughter to tears and back again in a way that makes the listener feel like they're in a conversation with old friends. All of this adds up to a performance that's been described as "seamless", "life-sized complex, subtle and powerful" and "a joy."


I've Heard That Song Before - LP
Hope - LP
Defined - LP

Set List

Each set includes a mix of American Roots styles: Original, Traditional, Blues, Swing, Folk and more.