Wilder Than We

Wilder Than We


Wilder Than We is a four piece new wave/indie pop band that integrates ambient textures with rhythmic hooks to create an engaging atmosphere. Melodically inclined with a sharp focus on vocal harmonies, they have been described as a young band with killer ideas and great execution.


Edmonton based group Wilder Than We is four friends that create a surreal yet upbeat atmosphere by integrating ambient textures with rhythmic hooks. Melodically inclined, with a taste for harmonies, the two front men, David Rees and Mark Berg use their distinct vocal timbres to give the band a cultivated sound that is fresh to the ears. Clear-cut guitar lines, pulsing bass and resonant drums envelope your senses holding them close and moving you from inside


Wilder Than We (EP) - Releasing April 2012

Set List

We are able to adapt our set to whatever is required but our standard set (listed below) runs 45min.

-Free Parking
-Own Knit Thread
-Spelling Letters
-Jacket Print Face
-Don't Speak
-Left or Right
-Unspeakable Tragedy
-Canopy Homes