Wild Eye

Wild Eye


"A steamy apple pie being thrown in your face" describes the emotional beauty that spews from Craig's mouth. Drums lines that follow the vocal melody rather than bass & guitar riffs. Guitar riffs that complement and yet create a song within a song. Bass lines that tie it all together. Wild Eye.


Wild Eye was formed in November 2009 in Guelph Ontario when lead singer Craig Waryd and drummer Christine Awasthy met by chance, while Christmas tree shopping. They decided to jam and started history in the making. Trevor was brought in to play lead guitar and Oscar was selected to complete the lineup on bass.
In just 2 short months the band wrote and recorded over a dozen tracks. Currently, they're getting ready for their upcoming show at the legendary Lancaster in February 2010.
Their style has been described as "a steaming apple pie being thrown in your face after it's been stomped all over". Heavy guitar and bass riffs with driven, snapping beats lay the foundation for lead singer Craig Waryd to do what he does best- send shivers down your spine.
The band got it's name from a fan that became cross-eyed watching their first show just a month after forming. You've never seen a band cause such a riot with the energy they exhume.
Look for Wild Eye performing at a venue near you- missing an opportunity to see them live is like having no use for two eyeballs...


To Be Released Feb 2010: At Least Look Straight

Set List

Crime's Homicide
Ovine Soldier
Crime's Homicide
Break Ground
Pop Princess
Hercules' Revenge

COVERS: We play over 40 covers ranging from Rage Against the Machine to Tool to Alice in Chains to Pantera as well as Canadian bands such as Our Lady Peace and Big Wreck.

Our shows consist of three 45 minute sets in which we do a mixture of originals as well as well- known and lesser known covers.