Wildfire Graffiti

Wildfire Graffiti

 Rocklin, California, USA

Wildfire Graffiti is all about focusing on the power of simplicity in music. We strive to connect with people through simple lyrical dialogue and strong melodic overtones. Our goals are to compose and inspire.


After having played in various bands over the years, singer-song writer Fred Mohns decided to focus on simply writing music. He regularly challenges his own creative boundaries by attempting to craft music in distinctly separate styles.


Phone Drive

Written By: Wildfire Graffiti

You never call to say anything.
We talk on the phone only every night,
and i don’t like the sound...
so take me off speakerphone.

All i want is to hear your voice,
but it’s not enough, i want to see your face
but it’s not enough, i want to touch your skin again
but it’s never enough.
So, i called your phone
one hundred times today
because i think we need to talk
about where your mother’s rug with go.

Hey, Hey every day
i call you up to hear you say,
“I’ll see you there a little later.”
Hey, Hey all the time
i listen to you on the line,
it's something that i can’t get over.