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San Jose, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

San Jose, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Folk




"Reviews roundup – Wildflower"

At The Station

Indie folk hippy jam meets pop band. That’s not exactly a catchy tagline, but it seems to sum up Wildflower. Yes, they seem to be hippies, but they seem to favour nineties indie college pop as their starting point.

They’ve only been together since last year, although Tiffany Petrossi, who takes care of lead vocals & guitar, has a few albums out under her own name. Here she is joined by Alecia Petzinger, Paige McRae, Dee Moe, Robert Allen and Dan Shafer in a new amalgam.

Musically, they gel well, and songs like ‘Buttercup’, ‘Rainbow Ground’ and ‘Caravan’ are sure to find favour with Lilith fair followers of a certain spectrum. - The Rocker The new home of Zeitgeist and The Rocker

"Wildflower, "At the Station,""

Re: The Song, "Glimpse."

"Oh, WOW! ... Is it possible? ... From the opening piano, I just knew that this track would be a winner! ... And I have simply fallen in love with this young lady! ... " - The Count, Way Out Radio UK

"Wildflower, "At the Station" Interview and Review"

From California, we find the sensational pop/rock act WILDFLOWER. The band have an eleven track new CD out now called 'At The Station', which is well worth checking out, singer Tiffany Petrossi has an amazing voice that lands somewhere between Alanis Morissette and even ever so slightly Kate Bush and Jane Sibbery, and the band's songs grow on you with each listen and you just end up getting lost in the whole experience. The theme of, ‘At the Station,’ is that of transition. The characters in the songs are searching for direction, getting lost and finding their way. Catching a, ‘Glimpse, 'of what could be. Choosing the path of love and letting their passions and compassion for others help them out of the, ‘Rabbit Hole,’ join the ‘Caravan of love,’ and find themselves at, ‘The Rainbow Ground.’

The band are Tiffany Petrossi- Lead Vocals, guitar, Alecia Petzinger - Piano, Bass guitar (on Spawn & Buttercup only) backup vocals, Dee Moe - Bass Guitar and Electric guitar, Robert Allen - Lead guitar, Paige McRae - Violin and Dan Shafer- Drums For Lead singer Tiffany Petrossi, music goes way back to when Tiffany was a little girl. It has always been something that Tiffany has enjoyed. She remembers riding her red tricycle round and round in circles signing and making up songs when she was three. "It has always relaxed me and provided an outlet for me at various stages in my life," Tiffany tells me. Tiffany loves the passion behind Janis Joplin’s voice. Joan Baez wrote stories and musically and Tiffany thinks' for the most part that she was inspired by late 60’s, and 70’s rock, such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Steppenwolf, The Moody Blues, the Grateful Dead and later Metallica and bands with female lead vocals, like the Bangles, Alanis Morissette and 10,000 maniacs. "I am inspired to write the songs from real life experiences that I have both witnessed and felt personally. I think my best songs are ones that come from deep rooted emotions that others can relate to and those come through in the songs. I tend to start with an emotion and the write the story from there. Most songs I write start in fact and then become fiction stories," Tiffany explains.

Tiffany loves to travel. She is a very curious person and with travelling she is learning something new every day. "I enjoy hiking and running and creating personal challenges for myself. One of my greatest enjoyments was travelling to Africa and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Meeting new people and having thought provoking conversations on the meaning of life etc.... I also like Acting and theater," she tells me. Wildflower was a nickname Tiffany's younger sister, Melanie gave her when she was younger. "It really embodies the free-spirited, sweet and yet wild side of the band. We work hard but we also like to enjoy life and appreciate performing and sharing the music with others," she explains. "We may be different in the fact that we are not trying to make or conform our music to a specific genre or for commercial success.

We genuinely love to play and strive to create music that has soul and character without worrying about how it will be received." Tiffany was playing an outdoor show and in the middle of singing a fly. "Yes a fly, flew straight into my mouth and I swallowed it! Not sure if that is amusing or just yucky:) When your live you're live and I didn’t want to interrupt the song I guess," she laughs. The album was recorded at a studio called, ‘Tone Freq’ in San Jose, CA. It took about six months to complete. "We worked with an engineer named Don Budd, who had also worked on my last album. I self produced it but Don was great about giving feedback and working his magic," Tiffany explains to me. She is also writing a few new songs currently and look to release the 2nd Wildflower album in 2017. "I hope to spend time this year promoting, ‘At the Station’ by touring, making a couple music videos and promoting the album online," he concludes.

Check the band out at www.wildflowertheband.com / www.facebook.com/wildflowertheband - Fireworks Magazine- Issue 74 April-June 2016


At the Station ( January 2016)



Alternative Indie/Rock band with a free-spirited 70's freedom vibe. Classic rock influence with female vocals.

A group of six like minded individuals came together in 2015 to share their musical talents and formed the group, Wildflower. The spark and musical connection was immediate and in just 6 months the group had recorded their first album, “At the Station.” The name, “Wildflower,” was a nickname of Tiffany’s since childhood and seemed to be a fitting name for the group.To enjoy life and spread their music and love in the direction the wind blows, as does that of a Wildflower.

Tiffany, Dan and Dee Moe had collaborated on her last, self-titled album in 2006-7.  Tiffany had written some new music and was eager to share it with a band. Dan’s steady and malleable beat, along with Dee Moe’s melodic but rhythmic bass lines were a perfect fit. Alecia, Paige and Robert came aboard to bring a balance, layers and depth to the music. Paige’s expressive violin, Alecia’s interpretive keys, and Robert’s jam band guitar lead sound help to grow the seed that was planted when they first all jammed together in the Spring of 2015. (Where Tiffany got the name for the song, "Spawn.")

The theme of, “At the Station,” is that of transition. We find the characters in the songs searching for direction, getting lost and finding their way. Choosing the path of love and letting their passions and compassion for others help them out of the, “Rabbit Hole,” join the “Caravan of love,” and find themselves at, "The Rainbow Ground."

Peace~ Wildflower

Tiffany, Alecia, Dan, Paige, Dee Moe and Robert

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