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This band has not uploaded any videos



"wild harem//golden man"

My friend Austin (person) who always has my musical ear, sent over a demo from the band Wild Harem out of Austin (the city) which currently has me flabbergasted. The band was formerly known as Some Others and is relatively green in the Austin music scene. I actually happened upon them at a Halloween house show they played with Denton garage greats Uptown Bums and was impressed by the cramped living room performance complete with a dangling chandelier over the lead singers head. Wild Harem has 6 songs up on their myspace but this “Golden Man” demo below is as fresh as Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with a chorus that’s undeniably as delicious; fortunately for you, WTD is the only place you will find it.

Wild Harem – Golden Man

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"Fragrant Comforts"

Every now and then there’s a moment at the end of the night or during some rowdy party when that one track everyone has listened to a million times drops but suddenly the verses dissolve into a random warbling and it’s just the title in the chorus you all end up epicly emulating arm-in-arm. For us that track has long been Dancing In The Dark but we’ve just heard this brain burrowing candidate from Austin’s Wild Harem. ‘Brainbow’ is a lustrous, driving anthem of a track that joins the dots between a potentially subliminal message to buy all their records hidden in the achingly slurred vocals and fuzzy-edged, warm melody.

- Transparent

"wild harem//talurah tom tom"

Wild Harem has almost completely finished their next full-length and have placed four new songs on their Myspace, one of them you heard here first. But they have nonetheless sent a fifth to us! And we are more than happy to share this fantastic young, hairful band with you. With a guitar lick that could swoon a vestal nun, this new song “Talurah Tom Tom” hits with their distinct full-toned, lazy vocals that literally bounce from the speakers. If you happen to be in the Dallas area, the band is playing at J & J’s in Denton on December 11th. Get some pizza, some Schlitz and some tunes.

http://weeklytapedeck.com/2009/12/08/wild-haremtalurah-tom-tom/ - Weekly tape deck blog

"Wild Harem, “Brainbow” MP3"

This time of year, everyone around us either gets intensely sad or really happy, and their only middle ground is an unavoidable, completely pervasive holiday sentimentality. Austin’s Wild Harem sits smack in the middle of that Venn Diagram we just invented and visualized—a little edgy and angry sounding, yet warm as well. “Brainbow” sounds like getting way too drunk with your friends on Christmas Eve, even if we can’t really hear many of the lyrics except “brainbow” being sung over and over, plus something about waking up tired (which we can relate to at all times).

http://www.thefader.com/2009/12/08/wild-harem-brainbow-mp3/ - Fader


first (LP): The Last Wild Children of the Perfume Garden

Second (LP): Apache Promise/No

Third (LP): Wild Harem

Fourth (LP): In Progress



"Wild Harem" only started as an idea in early spring of 2009, the idea that a group of like minded companions could get together and build upon the only thing they knew best. it was fate that brought "Wild Harem" together, it was fate that some how they all had that same thought, the thought that they could bring back those good'ol days when music was most real. Influenced by the 60's and dabbling with ideas from all eras, "Wild Harem" began making music, and would soon be manufacturing out songs like an assembly line. as well as the sun rises each day, a new idea would arise, and no idea was ignored. recording two full length albums in the span of just a few months and already toured the east coast of america,"Wild Harem" are ready, ready to blow up, they were born with music in their blood, and will stop at nothing to get to where they need.

contact us at: Someothers@live.com