Wild Honey

Wild Honey


Wild Honey is a young female Country music duo based out of Nashville, TN. They are currently being featured on CMT's Can You Duet and recently made it into the Top 8. They're called Wild Honey because one girl is the wild one and one is as sweet as honey - can you guess who is who?


You can currently catch us on CMT's newest reality show, "Can You Duet," Friday nights at 8/7c. We had the best time filming the show, but we can't tell you who winsÂ…yet!

We call ourselves Wild Honey, but you can call us Ruth and Vic. We were first called the Mason Dixies, but after writing one of our songs, "Wild Honey," we realized that it was the perfect name for us because one of us is a bit shy and as sweet as honey, and the other is a bit on the wild side. Can you guess who is "wild" and who is "honey?"

"When Victoria moved to Nashville she said that her best friend would have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm proud to call her mine." -Ruth

"We met while working at The Cheesecake Factory. A few months later Ruth was my best friend. Who knew our friendship would turn into this!" -Victoria

Ruth was raised by a family of grape farmers in Fredonia, NY.

Vic hails from Cumming, GA and moved to Nashville to pursue her music career after making it to the 2007 Nashville Star semi-finals after being coerced by a co-worker to give it a shot. Her loving and supportive family came along for the wild ride.

Emmylou, the half-chiuaua, half-we all have our guesses, is Wild Honey's mascot. She was named after one of our favorite artists, none other than Emmylou Harris, of course! Visit our iLike and Facebook pages for photos and videos of our amazing little "Lou Lou."

We were recently invited to blog with a few of our industry friends and favorite artists on the charity site, TheOneLove.org! We are so honored to be a part of such an inspiring community of our peers as well as to support the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. We can't wait to get started visiting the hospital and connecting with the children. Before Ruth was a part-time, on her way to full-time country singer, she worked with children, teaching them how to appreciate music.

We are very inspired by Lori McKenna and pray that we get the chance to write with her someday.

One of our songs, "This is What Love Looks Like," was inspired by a tee-shirt that Victoria was wearing that donned the phrase.

You will often find us playing at the local oyster bar, The Crescent. Our friend Scott, who owns the joint, always gives the audience quite a show of his own while dancing to our song "Sexy."

Ruth met our managers on a tour bus in Indianapolis at a pop music radio show in 2005. She had just ran to the bus while being chased down by fans who thought she was one of the Pussycat Dolls. It was snowing and Honkeytonk Badonkadonk was playing on the TV; and they had just shown up with a bag of White Castle. She didn't really want to eat it, but it was food and she'd rather not battle the snow.

Victoria met them when I took her along to the stadium concert one night during the 2007 CMA Music Festival. We didn't have an extra ticket, so our managers solicited free tickets from fans and Vic experienced her FIRST real concert. They expect to see us on that stage soon with our matching Martin guitars, right down to the straps.


This Is What Love Looks Like - EP

Set List

Wild Honey
I Need You
This Is What Love Looks Like
Clear My Name
Little Miss Housewife
Break This Heart