Wild Marmalade
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Wild Marmalade

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Edinburgh Festival"

"The fact that Trans World Orchestra (Wild Marmalade's project name for the Edinburgh Festival) with simply drums and a didgeridoo, can rock both a Fringe Sunday open air stage and the enclosed Jam House, and get the ThreeWeeks team equally excited in both environments, tells you why these guys deserve their ThreeWeeks Editors Award."

2006 Edinburgh Festival - Three Weeks Editors Award

"Cirque du Soleil"

"One of the most uplifting, energetic live performances I have ever seen in my life and one of the rare moments when you know you are having a unique experience that only the people in front of you can create. With the energy of 50 musicians whilst still creating a sense of intimacy, it is impossible not to get moved by Wild Marmalade."

Benoit Jutras

composer for Cirque du Soleil

- Benoit Jutras - composer for Cirque du Soleil

"Direct Feedback"

"One of the heaviest dance acts i've ever witnessed."

As soon as you push that first breath of air through your yidaki (didgeridoo) things start to get
heavy. Your building up to something big, and the listener can feel it man,
its like molten lava in the veins.

Itching at first but as it moves closer
to the heart it starts burn. Bright red and orange. The colours of our earth
and sun swirling and raging inside. Like a volcano ready to erupt.

Then when it all breaks down and the big beat drops and you come in with some of the most innovative synth stylee bass lines on the didge, everything at once explodes.
You can't stop moving. Not just moving, you can't stop dancing
like a possessed fool stuck in some ancient trance. There is no place in the world I would rather be."

David Chillman - David Chillman


Wild Marmalade have recorded 1 studio album, 2 live albums and have a live performance DVD.

Core Duo 2008 - Studio Album
(distributor in Australia http://www.vitamin.net.au/ )

TrioDynamic 2005 - Live
Wild Marmalade Live 2002 - Live

Live in Byron Bay 2004



Wild Marmalade are the High-Energy Organic Trance, Drum & Didgeridoo Band originating from Byron Bay, Australia. Playing totally live with ferocious intensity, Wild Marmalade create inspired dance music without the use of any electronic machines.

By combining the unique rhythmic didgeridoo playing of Si Mullumby with the explosive energy and groove of Matt Goodwin on drum kit, Wild Marmalade have created a genre-defying meeting of the ancient sound of Australia's didgeridoo with contemporary dance beats. This fusion brings forth a musical style similar to, but far beyond, what is usually created with computers and synthesizers by drawing on the raw energy and live dynamic of two world-class virtuosos.

By creating this brand new genre of live music Wild Marmalade have won over a global fan base, repeatedly toured Europe, Japan and Australia, supported major tours for internationally recognised artists and worked with Canada's Cirque du Soliel in Las Vegas.

Wild Marmalade possess the unique ability to move people from all walks of life and have touched a surprisingly large cross section of audience type - from lovers of electronic music (main stage at Boom Festival [Portugal] 2008, Infected Mushroom Australian Tour support act 2007) to folk and jazz scenes (Woodford Folk Festival [Australia] 2003-2008, Copenhagen Jazz Festival [Denmark] 2002) and even comedy festival audiences (Just for Laughs Festival [Canada] 2006) - the undeniable primal force of the Wild Marmalade sound creates an irresistible desire to dance.

Naturally acoustic live music with a high-energy dance sound, Wild Marmalade are the original "organic dance" act.