Wild Notes

Wild Notes


Wild Notes is an innovative and energetic adult traditional acoustic group with roots in Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, jazz, rock, and classical music. In addition to concerts, we are also known for Contra Dances.


Wild Notes is an innovative and energetic traditional acoustic group with roots in Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, jazz, rock, and classical music. Our renditions of New England and Celtic reels, jigs, hornpipes, and a wide variety of other traditional musical offerings very original and unexpected arrangements that delight and surprise listeners and dancers alike. We are known for intricate yet melodic interweaving of the fiddle and concertina, which float above sweet harp arpeggios. Our sweet, soulful vocal harmonies and original arrangements of American folk songs, Irish ballads, and Scottish laments will surely find a place in your heart.


Thirty Years & Seven Days

Written By: Dan Hocott


© 2005 Dan Hocott (BMI)

It’s been two weeks shy of seven years
Since I nearly drowned from shedding all those tears.
But I got myself a boat,
And o’re these tears I’ll float.
In the morning I’ll be over you, my dear.
In the morning I’ll be over you, my dear.

It seems just like yesterday,
That you packed it all up and sailed away.
If your ship would spring a leak
I‘d get through another week
Just a’ knowing that you won’t be back this way.
Just a’ knowing that you won’t be back this way.

I’ve been marking all the minutes,
Counting all the days,
Crossing off the years
Since you went away.
Regretting every moment
Since we said Adieu.
Now I can’t seem to find the time
To get over you!

Eight score and sixteen years ago
Since my great grandfather came upon this shore.
If he knew that you’d be here
He’d have turned around, my dear
And kept sailing right past your door.
And kept sailing to another shore.

It might take a lifetime, so they say,
For the memory of you to wash away.
It’s been forty days and nights
And the water’s getting high!
But your memory looks like it’s going to stay,
For another thirty years and seven days.

Just Let Me Know

Written By: Dan Hocott

What is the problem? You can tell me…
It’s been three days since I heard you speak.
Don’t say “Nothing”…I know it’s not true.
I know it’s something but I haven’t a clue.

Was it something I said to you?
Or something I did or forgot to do?

If she would just let me know,
If it’s something I did that I don’t know.
If she would just tell me so,
I know I could fix it if I knew what was broke.

Can somebody tell me? I don’t understand
Why a woman can’t be more like a man.
Just say what you mean and mean what you say.
It’s so easy to figure it out that way.

But sometimes I feel like I’m playing charades.
Excuse-moi if I look dismayed.


Now it’s half science and it’s half art,
Trying to know a woman’s heart.
What she says is not what she feels,
And I’m supposed to know what her words conceal.

What is she thinking? I make my best guess,
But I can’t help feeling it’s some kind of test!


And so the answer is clear to see –
A heartless head spells catastrophe.
It’s not who wins, or who submits,
For love is never a battle of wits.

Before you question her reason or rhyme,
Love is the answer every time.


Wild Notes -- "Sowing", our debut CD introduced the wide range of musical backgrounds among the members of Wild Notes.

Wild Notes -- "Branching Out", shows where we are going as a band. We play about as many concerts as we do dances, and for these concerts we showcase the vocal abilities of Peter, Dan, and Kasha. On this CD, we've included some of our favorite songs, two of which were written (and are sung) by Dan. As long as we're on the topic of original music, we also include an original rag and waltz by Dan, a waltz by Kasha, and several contra dance tunes by Mickey.

Set List

Wild Notes concerts typically consist of two 45 minute sets of upbeat traditional and original folk tunes and songs. The band typically features material on its current CDs as well as pieces slated for its upcoming CD release. Each 45 minute set contains 9 to 12 tracks evenly split between instrumental and vocally driven numbers. Concerts feature original arrangements and tight dynamics with folksy patter (often humorous) describing the origins of the traditional numbers along with explanations aimed at conveying understanding as to the motivation for the original pieces. The band welcomes the opportunity to tailor its sets to the hopes and wishes of the venue and will alter the length of the performance to accommodate specific needs (ie all Irish, all Scottish, all folk, contra dances etc)

Current instrumental set mainstays include Irish, Scottish, American and original tune sets such as:

Chilly Winds
Jim the Fiddle Maker
Hollow Poplar
Orange Blossom Special