Wild Older Women

Wild Older Women


Sweet Joyce Ann and Annie Rettic are the Wild Older Women duo. We delight and excite audiences of all ages with our sweetly angelic harmonies and devilishly clever lyrics. Original songs include "Gettin' Hotter" a tribute to menopause; "Wild Older Woman" a baby-boomer anthem, and many more.


The Wild Older Women exemplify the freedom that comes when the kids are all grown, and making music is the most important thing. Past venues include Lestat's, Winston's, Humphrey's and Brick by Brick. Audiences enjoy singing along to their uplifting "Baby Boomer Anthems," and folk classics from the 1960's.


No releases yet. You Tube videos available.

Set List

Set List
Available to play 30 minute to 2 hour set of original songs and covers.
Cover songs include early Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez,and Bob Dylan
Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan), Strangest Dream(Ed McCurdy 1950), Where Have All the Flowers Gone(Pete Seeger), Last Thing on My Mind(Tom Paxton)

Holiday:Santa Baby,Nothing But A Child (Steve Earle)

Dulcimer Set
Pack Up Your Sorrows (Farina/Marden)
Sweet Time (S.J.A.)
Carey (J. Mitchell)
First Day (S.J.A) G, Em C, D
The Rest (S.J.A.)
Diamond Jane (A.Rettic)
Not Your Angel (A.Rettic)
Circle Game (J.Mitchell)
Ukelele Set
Hit the Ground Running (A. Rettic)
Last Place (A. Rettic)
Rainbow (H. Arlen)
Fiddle Set #1
Wild Older Woman (S.J.A.) E
Bottom of the Well (A. Rettic)
Rosie’s Dream (S.J.A.)
5 am Insomnia Blues (A.Rettic)
Summer Memory (S.J.A. )
Let Me In (S.J.A. )
End of the Night (A. Rettic)
Fiddle Set #2
Angel from Montgomery (J.Prine)
Reminds Me (A.Rettic) Inside Out (S.J.A.)
Don’t Need