Wild Rice

Wild Rice


Wild Rice is a 6-piece instrumental Latin jazz band that plays a variety. Music includes several original Latin jazz compositions by band leader Daniel Padron. The band also performs jazz standards and modified rock tunes.


Wild Rice band leader Daniel PadrĂ³n was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He was exposed to jazz and Latin music at an early age by his father, though he also credits his American mother for influencing his musical style. When he was young, he clearly preferred Latin music over jazz, because one can often dance to Latin music more easily. Later on, he acquired a much greater liking for jazz, and now incorporates both into his musical style. He has written several original Latin jazz pieces that are performed by Wild Rice.

In 1993 Wild Rice started as a jazz trio. The band eventually built up to 6 members and has remained at that size since 1995.

Wild Rice has performed at a variety of public venues, including the Atlanta Jazz Festival in 1996 and 2003. They have also performed at many private events in the Atlanta area.


First commercial CD recording in progress.

Set List

Sets are typically 55 minutes and include about 9 tunes in each. For public events, the emphasis is placed on original Latin and jazz pieces, though modified rock tunes are included (e.g. Let 'Em In, Venus, Aquarius, Down Under), and some jazz standards (Sugar, Footprints, I Ain't Got No Shame).