Underground Folk. An eclectic mix including bluegrass, miner songs, sea shanties, Celtic chants and award-winning originals. Gritty and real, the music is sometimes dark, and always interesting. The band has been featured on Public Television's "AETN Presents and Public Radio's "Whad'Ya Know".


"If Woody Guthrie was Irish, and grew up listening to accoustic Led Zepplin and Beck Odale, and vulcan mind-melded with Doc Watson while listening to the Beatles on his walkman..."

...you would get Wildwood - a popular, high energy band that plays soulful bluegrass, old-timey music and originals. The music is highly danceable and features piercing two and three part harmonies. Their music has a dark edge that cannot be found in any of the modern feel good "Newgrass" groups. There is a power and dark cynicism present in the music that is more reminiscent of blues or perhaps even underground rock. In less than two years, they have built a surprising following at home in Fayetteville Arkansas as well as neighboring Kansas City, Springfield, Fort Smith, Tahlequah, Hot Springs and Little Rock. They have toured successfully in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Montanna, and Idaho.

On October 8, 2003, they appeared on Public Radio Internarional's "Whad'Ya Know" with Michael Feldman. over 1.5 million people were listening world-wide. On October 11, 2005, they appeared on Public Television's "AETN Presents." They have been featured prominently in all of the local print media, featured on the cover on three occasions, and have garnered the following honors:2004 OMA Album of the Year, 2004 NAMA Band of the Year, 2004 OMA Accoustic Band of the Year, 2004 NAMA Best Accoustic/folk Band, 2003 NAMA Best New Band, 2003 NAMA Best Americana/Folk Band, and were finallists for 2002 OMA Best New Band, 2003 NAMA Band of the Year, and 2004 NAMA Album of the year. Their music has been featured on four compilation disks, an Arkansas kayaking DVD, several independant films, and the latest instalment of the popular Sims video game series, "Sim Space Station."

Wildwood's first CD release party sold out two consecutive shows at Chester's, a major downtown Fayetteville venue. Four hundred and fifty plus attended and over 150 CDs were sold in the first week. Their second CD release was also a two show affair, with over five hundred people in attendence, and one hundred CDs sold the first night.

Guitarist Jason Payton, hailing from rural Indiana, plays a syncopated backbeat rhythm that makes people itch to dance. His solo style is also unconventional and all heads are turned when he picks one out. His rhythms are a big part of the boy's original sound. On stage he plays guitar, upright bass, and harmonica.

Bassist Robin Rues is a long-time devotee of bluegrass. His Texas band ├ČLoose Gravel├« played in the Denton area through the early nineties. His bass style is straightforward and powerful. His goal is to get people on their feet with the thunderous thud of his Emminence upright bass. On stage he plays Upright bass, guitar, and octive mandolin.

Bayard Blain is an award-winning flat picker that joined the boys recently and has infused the group with energy and a new level of technical precision. He is a traditionalist by nature but is not afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles. On stage he plays guitar, mandolin, and octive mandolin. Bayard is also an expert luthier and has built many fine instruments, including the octive mandolin he plays with the band.

All three are veteran singers and songwriters, and when their voices and talents converge on stage, something unique is created.


Lonesome Hideaway (2003) OMA "Album of the Year"
Limited Single (2004)
Roadside Psalm (2005)

All albums have recieved airplay, and tracks are available for listening at http://www.wildwoodband.com

Set List

Wildwood plays a mixed set of originals and traditionals with a smattering of covers. When playing traditionals and covers, we typicaly play unusual or rarely heard songs.

Angeline the Baker/Deep Sea
Arkansas Boys
Back to the Country
Backyard Bar-BQ
Battle of New Orleans
Beware of Girl
Bitter Cup
Black Mountain Rag
Civil War
Communist Party
Cotton Shirt
Darlin' Corey
Done Gone / My Son Jon
Don't You Know
The Duck Song
Eli's Run
Fiddle Dee Dee
Fox on the Run
Frankie and Johnie
Friends and Moms
Good For Nothing
Home Sweet Home
41 (The Horror Song)
I Ain't Gonna Work
I am a Man
I Been Standin' in the cold
I Get Lonesome
I'll Fly Away
I've Seen a Face
Kentucky Mandolin
Lafayette House
Little Darlin'
Little Sadie
Lonesome Hideaway
Lost Indian-Whiskey for Breakfast
Love Come Home
Marble Town
My Last Run
Old Slew Foot
One More Mile
Opus 38
Out The Door
Painted Ways
Raisin' Hell
Ram of Darby
Ricky / Burnin' t