Wil Gravatt Band

Wil Gravatt Band


Wil Gravatt has been performing since the tender age of 12. A self-taught singer, guitarist, and drummer; his band has been entertaining folks in the mid atlantic region with their own brand of country for 7+ years. They've just been to Nashville to record their latest effort.


The band was formed from the ashes of The In Theory; Wil was the drummer and co-lead singer. Wil moved to guitar and vocals and a frontman was born. In 2000 the current lineup of the WGB started doing shows.

With a lineup of excellent DC area musicians he geared the new band towards a more honky tonk sound. Most of their shows were in and around the DC region. Their regular house gig at the renowned Whitey's in Arlington, VA every Thursday night quickly led to a large local and regional following.
Sharing the stage with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Junior Brown, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, Chely Wright, Cory Morrow, John Michael Montgomery, Walter Egan, Mark Wills, Daryl Worley, Hal Ketchum and many others has led to national exposure and exciting prospects for the future.

In 2005 they began a relationship with Budweiser, with the popular brand sponsoring them into 2007 and beyond.

In 2006, they were invited by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to perform at the State Department for the July 4th celebration in 2006.

In 2006, Wil and his engineer Paul Koch headed to Nashville to record at County Q Studios. In the studio with them were the likes of John Hughey (steel guitar) who was Conway Twitty's player for his entire career. Ray Kennedy, who engineered all of Steve Earle's recordings and Lucinda Williams million seller "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road." And the amazing talents of Pat Severs (guitar) who was a founding member of Pirates of the Mississippi and also tours with Don Mclean.

They continue to enjoy local and regional success and are looking to the future for new fans once the record is released!


Carnival Girl

Written By: Wil Gravatt

Carnival Girl, fantasy world spin me ‘round like a tilt-a-whirl
Carnival Girl, feel alright? Let’s make love tonight
Car Wash girl how are you today, is it true what the people all say
Car Wash girl you look so fine, come on make my bumper shine
Drive in girl with a window tray, skating out orders not much to say
Drive in girl would you be too blue if I married you.

Yeah, If I married you!

southern girl you found a way, to keep me happy every day
I fell for you all the way, you’re my ‘bama girl
country girl on those Nashville night, writing songs to the morning light
music running all through your head, please come back to bed
Yeah! Come back to bed
Carnival Girl, fantasy world spin me ‘round like a tilt-a-whirl
Carnival Girl, feel alright? Let’s make love tonight

Lonesome Trucker

Written By: Wil Gravatt

Lonesome Trucker

I’m a lonesome trucker, driving thru the night
Down a lonely stretch of road, not a soul in sight
My girl’s in Dallas TX, I’m stuck in Tennessee
I called her just today to see if she was thinking of me

She said hello Billy Joe won’t you please come on home
I got a few things to say, just can’t tell ya on the phone
I’m feeling so lonesome, feeling so damn blue
We’re chasing some kinda crazy dream it ain’t never coming true.

Driving thru these towns
Wiping away the tears
rolling thru the years (gears)
shifting thru the gears ( years)
I’m a lonesome trucker blues


one too many diners and way too many loads
I’m driving across this big ole land with not one thing to show
But a woman who doesn’t know me and a love that just ain’t there
I used to think about going home but now I just don’t care (no more)
instrumental 2


Ready to Cross That Line - Wil Gravatt (Dart Records 1998)
Live at Whitey's - Wil Gravatt Band (Wilow Records 2000)
Pleezed Tameetcha - Wil Gravatt Band (Wilow Records 2002)

Music can be purchased on ITunes from all albums.

Set List

This is a typical set list. This particular set if from our July 28th show with John Michael Montgomery.

My Own Kind Of Hat
Back Again
Garden Party
Cadillac Cowboy
Lonesome Trucker
Somebody's Romeo
Carnival Girl
Ain't Enough Roses in Texas
Wanted Man in Texas
Oh Lonesome Me
Streets of Bakersfield
Your Cheating Heart

Wichita Lineman
Oh Girl