Wilhelm Tell Me
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Wilhelm Tell Me

Hamburg, Hamburg City, Germany | INDIE

Hamburg, Hamburg City, Germany | INDIE
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Wilhelm Tell Me - Oh My God (Single) // 7" vinyl & download
Wilhelm Tell Me - Ghost (Single) // free download




…thus spoke Wilhelm: Four young, sensitive gentlemen from Hamburg, the sound of the great, wide world that does not quite seem to fit into conventional good ol’ Germany (Yes, still conventional. Even in a hundred years it won’t be any different). But rather suitable for Studio 54 or a venue of similar hedonistic character. As soon as the drums come in on "Oh My God", the Wilhelm Tell Me single, you feel the compulsion on the dance floor to simply let things go – on a dance floor made of glass with built-in colored lights that change with the beat. A song as elegant and modern as the Concorde on its way from Paris Orly to JFK. A song that brings tears to the eyes of ecstasy dealers because who needs malicious chemicals if there is a song, a beat that leads to euphoria? Legal and a fat-burner on top of it? And that’s just the debut single! Of course released on 7" vinyl, the format of the righteous. Isn’t a plastic disc that turns at an incredible rate of 45 rotations per minute just as fun, fast and action-packed as "Oh My God"? In any case, the passionate spectacle, beard and moustache bearers caused quite a stir already with only one release. The record was played vigorously in indie/electro discos…after midnight! "Is that the new "Phoenix?" "No, that is the first Wilhelm Tell Me"!, "Is that from that cool label, what’s it called…?" "No", said the DJ "That is from Wilhelm Tell Me´s own label Less Apocalypse Records". The inquirer has learned something new and is glad as can be that Wilhelm Tell Me released the song themselves and did not have to wait for the "OK" from a sluggish record company boss ("According to the release plan, we have a slot available in the late fall of 2011").
On February 11, 2011 these boys from Hamburg released their second single „Ghost“. And right now it’s available to the whole world as a free download. Sure, this world will then just have to practice patience until the debut album is released, but it’s almost finished! The author of these lines considers himself quite lucky to have already heard a few measures from it. And what should the author of these lines, meaning myself, say? Nothing! I’m speechless! Enough. I swear the Rütli oath!

Yes, admittedly, a long text. The attention span of the audience, meaning yours as well, dear readers, will not increase. Therefore, in a nutshell: Do you go off your hinges for Delphic? Do you dig Ed Banger’s shit? You’re eccentric and collect classic POP records? Well, do I have something for you…and you, dear Mr. DJ, dearest DJane, you want the dance floor to be jam packed, at least for three minutes…that’s possible! "You say party, I say WILHELM TELL ME!"