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The best kept secret in music


"Boca Magazine: Get up, Stand up"

Wilkine Brutus signs all of his e-mails "Onelove," a nod to his belief that Bob Marley is a symbol of unification. "Bob Marley really represented the whole Caribbean and not just Jamaica, "he says. "Onelove" signifies that we are a community, no matter what race. I think onelove unifes everyone, whether you are black, white or Hispanic."

As a Haitian-American growing up in an impoverished section of West Palm Beach, Brutus witnessed his share of conflict among people of color from different countries. Maybe because of that, he is now into bringing people together----especially people of talent. A junior at FAU majoring in film, as poken-word poet, Brutus(with help from Epiphany Upscale Events) also emcees an open mic night called, THE STAGE every Wednesday at C&N cafe (4047 Okeechobee blvd) in West Palm Beach. "The [purpose of] the show is to unify the underground talent that is in Palm Beach County." One stage, one love. -Marie Speed Editor-in-Chief - Boca Magazine Feb.07 pg.51 FULL SPREAD

"Florida's Finest"

Wilkine Brutus is a native Miamian of Haitian descent and currently lives in West Palm Beach. The single 23 year-old Florida Atlantic University junior is majoring in media studies/broadcasting. He enjoys poetry, basketball, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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"Below the Radar for the Underground Student"

6th paragraph:

A more laid-back alternative to a heavy metal concert can be found at "The Stage" every Wednesday night at C&N Café in West Palm Beach. Starting at 9:30 p.m., the microphone in this quaint little Caribbean café becomes an open mic event for aspiring poets and writers.

"It's got like a Def Poetry type feel too it," said Wilkine Brutus, host of the event.

Although mostly spoken-word poetry, Wilkine says that everyone's welcome to display their talents. "We've had acoustic guitarists, comedians, and pianists too."

By: Tey Astudillo Contributor
Issue date: 2/25/07 Section: Current Issue - University Press

"Miami Herald:Artists focusing on large global issues"

Posted on Sun, Aug. 12, 2007
www.miamiherald.com and on paper-print

Special to The Miami Herald
A local artists collective is working to educate and make people aware of global issues.

''Philosophically, it's our response to bring about change,'' said Gustavo Ortiz, co-founder of Conscious Artist Collective and house manager for Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center.

On Thursday at the center, the group will host an evening of music, improvisational theater, fine art and poetry at the third installment of The Groove Series. The artists will turn the spotlight on the atrocities in the Darfur region of western Sudan.

Ortiz, who produces the show with co-founder and center co-worker Anna Teixeira, hopes the series is the first of many to emphasize the global concerns of local artists.

''It gives art more substance than doing art just for art's sake. It's an out-of-the-box idea to bring us from where we are to where we all say we want to be,'' Ortiz said.

Teixeira said future series topics could be race relations, women's issues or environmental concerns.

At a recent event on July 19, 18 artists showcased talent at the theater's Spotlight Corner Cafe. Comfortable sofas, overstuffed chairs and walls lined floor to ceiling with art by Kapone of West Africa created a bohemian setting.

Guests later viewed a film in the theater's auditorium that brought to light the devastating facts of the matter: In four years since the Darfur conflict began in February 2003 between the region's military, rebel factions and tribal armies, more than 400,000 civilians are dead and 2.5 million civilians forced from their homes are living in refugee camps.

Proceeds of the events are filtered to the Save Darfur Coalition through No More Tears, a nonprofit organization founded by actress, model and journalist Somy Ali of Plantation.

Ali, a former Bollywood actress who was born Muslim in Pakistan to Pakistani and Iraqi parents, started the charity to build shelters and schools for abused women and children.

Money is raised primarily by selling T-shirts embellished with slogans and art from Ali's So-Me Designs company that promote religious tolerance and world peace.

A new Save Darfur T-shirt was recently added to the product line.

''It doesn't matter what nationality or religion we are, we all want to help victims in Darfur,'' Ali said.

Teixeira said the show will be hosted by the THEY Improve acting troupe and feature Kapone, music by Victory Sound, DJ Bles Won, WorkEthic and Non Grata, plus poetry by Wilkine Brutus.

Conscious Artist Collective -- The Groove Series begins at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center, 1770 Monroe St. (at U.S. 1). Tickets cost $12. For tickets, call 866-811-411, For general information, call 305-766-2757
- Miami Herald


Wilkine Brutus is currently featured on an album called, "Street Poetry." It will be released late 2007 by Indie label, "The A.O.N group." The South Florida label has a roster of great talents on the album and is hosted by a local radio personality.

Also, Brutus collaborated with German house producers from the indie label, "White Lotus Club records." The house track maybe be released in future compilations. White Lotus Club is based out of Franfurt, Germany.


Feeling a bit camera shy



Wilkine Brutus, a 24-year-old Haitian-American college graduate from Palm Beach County, Florida, is also a Spoken Word poet and print/commercial model. One of the best athletes in Palm Beach Country during his high school years, Brutus managed to attend college on a full academic scholarship that he received since the 7th grade. After several setbacks in college basketball, he eventually began working on his other talents. In his first year in college, he hosted and performed in Open Mics and became a part of the 2004 college Forensics Championship team at Tallahassee Community College. In 2005, after his short stint in Ontario, Oregon, Brutus nearly made MTV's RealWorld 17 and then was a semi-finalist for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but did not land the gigs. It was after his flight from LA that he decided to enter the entertainment industry, eventually venturing off into modeling and taking his poetry into a higher level of performance. He eventually landed several gigs by landing his first magazine cover, (sakpasemag.com) working along side a photographer from Getty Images, appeared on the Soma Riba music video, (French pop star from France) and is now in the middle of several projects, working with musicians, magazines, while at the same time constantly updating his portfolio to hopefully land a major modeling contract. Wilkine Brutus is now attending FAU and is majoring in Multimedia Studies. He is unsure of where his major will take him, but he is definitely sure about what he wants to accomplish in life. Through Epiphany Upscale Events, he is currently hosting THE STAGE at C&N cafe, the biggest open mic venue located at C&N cafe in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has performed and did a 1-hour live interview on X102.3 (local radio station) with Dady Phats about THE STAGE and is now featured in Boca Magazine (#1Magazine in Florida). Pg.51 He is constantly involved in trips to Germany, performing along side Neo-Soul Singer, Kaye-Ree and Carnegie hall guitarist, Felix Justen. One of Brutus's imminent goals is to break the stereotypical outlook on Haitians by bringing a new style to the entertainment industry, both through spoken-word poetry and through the intricate craft of modeling. You can also catch Wilkine Brutus writing Spoken-word poetry for YO! Raps Magazine.

Currently an Editorial Writer/Poetry for YO!Raps Magazine. www.yoraps.com