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The best kept secret in music



Seal goes 80s synth pop. Will offers no major revelations, but I think the listener is just supposed to let go and flow with this. And it’s quite nice. With a little more power behind that vocal (it occasionally gets lost in the synthesizer chords), this artist could be driving the masses to the dance floor in major clubs.

Nowhere is Will’s vocal gift more evident than in the contrast between the two versions of “Girl Named Kate.” The dance/pop version is cool and sensual, if a bit subdued. But the acoustic version near the end of the CD really made me take notice. With quieter instrumentation, his voice shines, and the harmonies soar beautifully. In fact, I’d like to hear more acoustic tracks from Will, without seeing him abandon the synth pop styles he seems more comfortable with.

Sanctuary is catchy, cool, and laid-back, with lyrics that deal primary with struggling relationships. Check out “Lost In Your Soul” for a smooth R&B track with an interesting melody. Will is testing the waters with his debut. I’m looking for him to make a big splash with the next one.

- Jennifer Layton

"~freelance reviewer"

With infectious beats and catchy melodies, Will’s debut CD Sanctuary is a wonderful find. His voice has an authentic R&B quality that, combined with a dance background, makes for an effective and radio friendly result. No where is this more obvious than in the second track, “What’s going on”. Though there are tracks where the fusion of R&B and house starts to sound like a repetitive formula, there are also stand-out tracks where Will shows his versatility as a musician. “Garde La Foi” is such a hard-core dance tune that the listener might think they’ve already heard it at the club. In “Drowning in Your Eyes” his smooth vocals and melodic tones seem to suggest he could have a future as Seal’s heir-apparent. The acoustic version of an earlier dance track “A Girl Named Kate” highlights the strength of Will’s voice and a sweet soulful quality that is not as identifiable in earlier tracks where the beat draws the most focus.
Cultivating a sound that is outside of the conventional American music genres, Sanctuary has a distinctive European dance music quality. It is a little bit R&B, a little bit pop and a little bit dance – with a resonance of what they call, “garage” music in the U.K.. Will’s Sanctuary is a testament to how not conforming to typical standards can produce exceptional music - Dana Hughes


Sanctuary- CD *January 2003*
Carol Masters {re mastered}September 2003
Carol Masters-Universal Greeting Station November 2001
Carol Masters-Embrace Me-June 2000


Feeling a bit camera shy


“SANCTUARY” Will’s much anticipated debut album finds the singer/songwriter in top form and breaking out with a collection of tightly woven songs that beg to be heard. Fused with elements of Drum and Bass, Garage, Pop, Electronica and R&B, the album takes you on a journey of intense emotions and picturesque landscapes of life through Will's eyes. From floor-thumping dance cuts like the title track “Sanctuary” to heartfelt, emotional and honest ballads like Lost in Your Soul and “Girl Named Kate" (Acoustic Version) "SANCTUARY" delivers Will's emotive and expressive voice and his ability to elicit different moods and feelings from love, to doubt, anger, bliss, and spirituality which singularly prove he is a true master of the craft.

"This album has taken about three years to complete" says Will "and it was a personal journey that I needed to accomplish. My first love is music and to complete this album meant to me that I could do anything I put myself to."

People tried to steer me in other directions, but it was my love of music that kept me focused and brought me this far. Music is what I hold on to as I move forward in my Journey.

The 13 songs found on "SANCTUARY" are all a part of Will’s unique and complex psyche. Along the way Will picked up some extraordinary players to round out the sound he wanted. Jason Nuccio and Billy Harkowsky (great pop songwriters) Ami Ortiz ( fantastic vocalist, and member of the 50’s Girl Group “The Chantals” and collaborator Mike Degen (known in NY as one of the best independent producers available) whom, not only produced the album but tweaked most of the gadgets used to create Will’s encompassing sound.

“Working with these different people has helped me tremendously. I’m used to working by myself, but I have a new found respect for the differences that other people bring to the project.”

Will doesn’t only bring himself to the table when working on projects, he brings his professionalism, determination and a willingness to try new things. Will has never been afraid to push the envelope and its apparent in accomplishments Will has achieved in his short but varied career. In 1997 Will joined an Electronic Pop group called Carol Masters as the lead singer. Within a few short months Will was touring with the band opening for such acts as Anything Box and Modern English.

In 1999 Will decided to start laying the ground work for his debut album “Sanctuary”. With no corporate sponsors, Will financed his project alone.

In 2002, Will was on stage performing and wooing new fans everywhere. He even wooed BUDWEISER into sponsoring him for one of his shows in New York City. One of Will’s greatest accomplishments was his performance at Madison Square Garden and BBKing’s in New York for the New York Film and Video Festival. Those performances have garnered Will and award for Outstanding Achievement.

Whatever direction Will takes, it will be sure to lead him to the success he deserves. His gorgeous album SANCTUARY is just a testament to the multidimensional facets of Will’s personality strength and talent and a small window into the future of what Will has to offer.