Will  Allen

Will Allen


true talent I beleve lies in one who can first express in words something or some thought of meaning and do so in a way that every now and then leaves you speachless. Then, talent needs a voice to back it up...a good one, unique rahter...and to play and instrument always ups the stock. This is me...


My influences...simple-LIFE. its ups , its downs. and all in between. the simplest subjects and the deepest depths of imagination. otherwise, my influences as far as other musicians i learned and emulated and looked up to as true musical talent thats unique like i wnat to be: id say James Taylor, Bbo Norman, Shane Benard, Phil Keaggy, Ben Folds, Dave Mathews.....
My life , and thus my music that springs from it, is one i dont talk in detail about much. I would sayit would qualify , if made to song, as a true country western song.
I lived 21 years an average life...average dreams..graduating college and heading to medical school after first marrying the girl i loved and my best friend...then life changed...and i changed too, but for the better i see now. I lost my wife unexpectedly in 04. I fell into suicidal depression, and found that i could endure by using pain medication to numb the agony. That led to addiction, jail time, loss of uncountable money and material things, overdoses, and actually dying once, found not breathing after taking pills...but life was spared. i was mad.
I learned in rehab how to grieve, and slowly recovery came. addiction free now for several years and past the hurt of the losses in life...I find now that words and music come out of me more freely now, i can express my feelings, ones now, and those I had through the years of hell. I havent a clue where life is taking me, but its a ride...and we can choose to dread the long journey, every step , or choose to accept the journey being a tough one, but loook up and see that rough and rocky roads most often lead to a beautiful place.
Most people who suffer tragedy ask why me? I now say, why not me? what makes me so special as to deserve a life free of pain. the irony , which alot of my writing comes from, is that a life free of even the slightest degree of suffering is actually the life that ends in poverty. sufering molds, purifies, brings the pure soul to the surface, and ends -regardless of wealth built and all- it ends in bounty. thats my story, and i cannot leave out God. Many songs I have are of his character, his actions in our life, etc. but however cruel it seems he may be at times, it was He who saved my life..restored my health, ppulled me from the hell of addiction and sadness.
so , I suppose i doont have to say what sets me apart...but musically I am different in that I dont write a lyric that is meaningless and used as a filler because it rhymes and fits to the tune which is catchy. My music is lyrically meaningful first, and musically - hopefully - catchy sometimes as well.


I have a self produced CD which is a compilaton of all the singles I have written. myspace has my music streaming audi for the listening...just 3 three songs. and I have twice played in studio live a couple songs on one of the major Nashville radio stations as well.