Golden Ghetto

Golden Ghetto


Subtle mix between REM and coldplay,with a touch of the Beatles.


There are myths lying deep in the soil of your fields, in the mud by our rivers, in the cracks on the street corners of this land, just waiting for the chords to call them up. Tin shacks and townhouses hold their truths, as menacing as the shadows on cave walls. This spring, artist Bruce Thomas resurrects these shadows on a cross-continental tour of the United States and Canada. His acoustic musical performances draw on traditional American folk and blues to remind us that dark places still exist in the eddies of our souls and our society, reflections caught in the paintings and films that echo the musical body of his work.


Golden Ghetto(2009)
Ballad of Early Grace(2008)
Differents Scenes (2007)
By Degrees (2006)
The Gears TV(2005)
Surface2Sound (2004)

Set List

one set of 15 songs