Willard & Katt

Willard & Katt


Alternative Soul. Critically acclaimed performer/songwriter Johann Michael possesses a voice that carries maturity, passion and soul creating a vision of a lifetime of emotions in song. Vie Aknaton's trendsetting production fuses R&B, Hip Hop, Rock and World Music. Together they are Willard & Katt



Presently in San Francisco, two long-time friends from Montreal < Vie Aknaton & Johann Michael > have formed Recording Group and Production Duo WILLARD & KATT. Tapping into an unstoppable creative force, WILLARD & KATT have been pushing the boundaries and producing track after track - trendsetting Alternative Soul Music. Under indie label Vie Recordings, they are now in the final stage of their highly anticipated album “WILLARD & KATT presents.” scheduled for release Fall 2007.


Johann Michael is the eclectic soulful new phenomena. Critically acclaimed performer/songwriter, with a voice that carries maturity, passion and soul, Johann Michael creates a vision of a lifetime of emotions in song.

A passionate performer, Johann Michael has traveled the world and played high - demanding roles, including the show - stopping pimp, " The Engineer " in Tony Award winning musical, Miss Saigon. Johann's involvement also includes the SOCAN Urban Music Award Winning music production company, Kuya Productions. They have embarked upon their own journey producing for recording artists Shawn Desman, Keshia Chante, and over the years have amassed dozens of tracks for artists Nelly, G - Unit, AZ, Gary Beals, and Ginuwine.

Johann Michael's undeniable sound defines a rebirth of alternative yet eclectic soul. Surely, you too will be touched by his heart - felt renditions of classic old school.

Now, the evolution is WILLARD & KATT. Together with Vie Aknaton, Johann Michael pushes the limits of songwriting and popular music.


‘A’ for audio and ‘V’ is for vinyl! Actually, hang for a beat and discover much, much more. Montreal native, Vie Aknaton can be found playing any musical instrument lying around.

Throughout his High School and College years he recorded R&B, Hip Hop, Arabic, Dancehall and Culture Reggae Mixtapes and saw to its distribution! He’d spin at parties and even hosted a weekly Conscious Reggae radio program, “The Higher Heights Vibrations” aired on local station K103.7FM. Vie’s love for musical diversity became evident byway of a series of CD compilations that was embraced by many. His taste for World music transported listeners across the globe, further revealing his ability of boundless creative expression. Finally we caught a true glimpse of his passion and remarkable talent for producing. The series reportedly reached the hands of Jamaican Dub poet/Actor/Radio host, Mutabaruka and was highlighted on Muta’s controversial weekly radio show “Cutting Edge” on Jamaica’s own IRIE FM.

Eventually packing up and heading for Toronto, Vie attended the Harris Institute for the Arts studying Sound Production / Engineering. It wasn’t long before, he built his own studio, mastering his craft while recording his own material. His sound took form, rich with roots stemming from his Egyptian background and World, Reggae, Hip Hop and Pop music influences. Blurring borders, inspired by the many influences crossing his path, he bridges the times reminiscent of basement parties, soul and vinyl.

Vie is currently back and forth from Montreal and San Francisco composing and producing alongside Johann Michael for the WILLARD & KATT project.


The Groove

Written By: Johann Camat, Vance Behmann, Gary Palomo

Front back
side to side
up and down

Verse 1:
I’m breaking the rules
you know tonight i'm gonna set the mood
beneath the full moon
I’m gonna pull the fever out of you
I’m all you can be
i've got whatever in my soul you need
get up on your feet
there's no other place you can ever be
but with me sugar

Rap Verse 1:
Let's run away honey don't resist this
I’m mister right now so let me be of assistance
your fishing for attention and looking for fun
i got the gun together we hitting home runs
and i love luxury and everlasting passion
like candle lit dinners set with two wine glasses
so close your eyes honey let me send you the bliss
front back side to side up and down like this


Verse 2:
When your at the front
it's clear for you to see
when i got your back
we'll move erotically
from side to side
we'll dance the night away
we're gonna go up and down
sure feels so nice to spend this moment with you
you cannot hide it
the way that you want this girl
you can't contain it
the way that changed your world
so electric lady
can i spin you all around
we're gonna go front to back
side to side
up and down


Rap Verse 2:
I got what you need, we'll do whatever you wish
i'm your man, when your hot i'll be your cool mist
that breeze like warm summer days in Venice
side by side like Kornakova playing some tennis
i'll serenade you as my man plays the tunes
right, chocolate fondue and berry's for you, nice
'cuz sweet dreams are made of these
baby girl who in the world would disagree

Outro Verse:
Yes you
reaches my soul now baby
yes you
flows though my blood
you know i'm the one you dreamed of
i can make you see more clear now...


Vie Recordings presents Johann Michael - The Willard & Katt Mixtape Vol.1

Smilin' People (first single)

The Groove (mixtape single)

Push - Montreal remix (mixtape single)

Heavy Hitters (mixtape single)


Brown Eyes

Our Time

Psycho Love

Like Saturday

Be The One


Set List

Mary, Psycho Love, U In My Life, Smilin' People, Our Time, Like Saturday.....
Covers include "Easy" - Lionel Richie (Reggae remix), Donny Hathaway, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Lewis Taylor.....
Sets range from 30 to 45 minutes, multiple sets per night.