Will Arthur

Will Arthur


With my music, I try to convey the feeling that I get when I listen to, or sing that particular song. I want to make people feel happy when they hear my music. My style could be compared to various artists such as Damien Rice, Lifehouse or Coldplay.


Music has been a part of my life ever since I was born. I'm sure you probably see that line in every single "Biography" that you read, but I just felt that I should jump on the bandwagon. Although I am still fairly young, and slightly in-experienced, I have chosen the path of music and am determined to stay on that path for as long as I can. With my music, I try to make people feel something good, and pure. A feeling that makes them happy and a feeling that they will remember. When I play music I try to express every bit of emotion that I feel comes from every note, and every word.


I have yet to release any of my own music.

Set List

In my set list I try to include covered songs that I feel convey a similar feeling to my own style of music. I also include 3 or 4 of my own songs to show people what I'm all about.