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Azusa, California, United States | SELF

Azusa, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




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We have a very interesting 8-track EP titled: Poet. Prophet. Outlaw. It was released last summer. We made good revenue from it and decided that in the end that it was a success. We have had one smaller EP before that. It was basically a collection of 15 songs put onto a CD because we realized how important it was to give our music out to as many fans as possible.

Currently, we are finishing up a full-length album of 10 tracks titled: A Camel NationĀ°. We plan on releasing, with a promoter, in May 2012. We still have some work to do on it but it's a very good example of what our music is and what it's all about.

We have had several songs streaming on radio time around the nation. One song, which is a fairly popular song within our fan group, Anything's Hers, was streaming and is streaming on a college campus radio at University California Riverside on the Bipolar Minutes show with Jenny Guzman.

We were also featured on a podcast Indie From The Living Room. We had two songs played on there, Anything's Hers and Villager Bars.

We also have a few tracks--We Closed Our Closets--Phill, Up--Anything's Hers--playing out on a campus radio in New Jersey. They are being circulated through some shows as much as possible.



Ryan Wemmer and Zachariah Weaver started Willbur in a parking lot. We used to meet every Saturday and Sunday and rehearse a couple songs and covers when we were in high school. Then we got this small show at a Starbucks with our friend singer-songwriter, Joe Brook, and decided to play. We had one of our other friends, David Goeckner, to come sit in on guitar and everything went great. From then on it was us three that would run the shows. From time to time there have been others to come and go, but for the most part it was us three.

Now, our sound is back to being controlled by just Ryan Wemmer and Zachariah Weaver. Willbur has a direction and a couple of smart heads on its shoulders to execute that direction.

Our influences are mostly rock and folk music. We really enjoy counting on trailing off of those things. Singer-songwriter styles are a big deal for us as well. Generally, we like to include our influences as much as possible but still keep much more originality.

And that's the thing about Willbur. It is very original. Each song is like a short story. It starts out like many others but it never sticks to a controlled plan. There have been so many times when fans have come up after a show and just remarked on how different our sound is for a few moments. Willbur's music--each song--is like a new addition to a category of music or poetry. Willbur has the necessities to launch music that creates its own sub-genre.