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The Will Callers

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | INDIE

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Country Americana


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"The Will Callers Are Writing Great Songs!"

“The Will Callers…are doing things the old-fashioned way: writing great songs” - Classic Rock Magazine

"The Will Callers Step Up To The Plate!"

“Stepping up to the plate to prove that young country music is not dead, The Will Callers spread the gospel of alt-country as a reminder that Texas is king when it comes to southern charm.” - Corpus Christi Caller Times

"Alt-Country Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!"

“Alt-country doesn't get much better than this, and rarely does a band really deserve your attention. But these guys do. ” - Dallas Observer

"2010 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards"

"The crowded electric Americana scene now has another force to contend with in The Will Callers. Frontman Jake Murphy’s ragged-yet-refined voice is engaging and perfect for his band’s signature brand of slow-burning, whiskey-stained roots-rock."

- Fort Worth Weekly

"An Intoxicating Throwback-to-Early-FM-Radio Vibe"

“In place of the band’s previous contemporary alt-country predilections comes a sincere and sincerely intoxicating throwback-to-early-FM-radio vibe, lots of dirty, swampy riffage and huge hooks, old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll punch evoking Faces and Creedence throughout. The twin guitarwork on “Take My Advice” is straight from the School of Keef and Ron, with frontman Jake Murphy and guitarist Justin Elliot basically trading licks throughout, calling and responding to each other, and the bluesy, slow-roiling “87 Miles to Austin” calls to mind JSBX on ’ludes. The Will Callers won’t be local long, trust me. ” - Fort Worth Weekly

"The Will Callers Keeping it Real"

The Will Callers are a young generation of alt-country/rock 'n roll musicians from the southern suburbs of Fort Worth - and although there have been a lineup change or two, the idea remains the same: good friends writing and playing music together. Jake Murphy and Daniel Slatton have been playing music together since their early High School years, and through the course of genre and lineup changes, found their niche in the alt-country/rock and roll/americana genres. The Will Callers second EP, Keep Everything Close, was released in August of 2010, and is currently only available at shows. They can be found playing shows throughout Texas and the US. The Will Callers are currently in the studio recording their debut album w/ the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard.

- Shiner Records

"The Will Callers Win Shiner Rising Star Competition"

Shiner Rising Star Competition Finals
Love & War in Texas, Plano
October 21, 2010

After 14 weeks of competition between 24 bands that cover the entire, vast realm of country music, the Shiner Rising Star contest ended last night at Plano's Love & War in Texas.

And, many times throughout the evening, it was easy to forget that a competition was taking place, given the overall celebratory energy of the spacious, hill-country style patio area. A festive, Shiner-fueled mob it was.

The friends and families of the five final groups, joined together with members from many of the bands who played in the contest earlier, but hadn't quite made it this far, and a much larger than normal group of judges were on hand for this party.

The names that joined me at the judges table at the finals also truly helped make last night's round a full-on, local country jamboree: The folks from Somebody's Darling, Grant Jones of the Pistol Grip Lassoes, Darryl Lee Rush, Merrol Ray (all Shiner Rising Star winners, by the way), plus Brett Dillon and Chance Cody, both of KHYI-95.3 FM The Range, George Dunham from KTCK-1310 AM The Ticket, local country talents Zane Wiliams and John David Kent, Joshua Jones of Shiner Records, Texas Country Countdown host Chuck Taylor and noted Nashville hit-maker Deryl Dodd. Also: Coach Joe Avezzano.

Of course, the bands were the main attraction, and each of them made their case nicely, even though there were a couple of groups that stood out above the rest.

Performances by Dallas' Chris Miller Band and The Big Benders preceded Fort Worth's Two Door Ford and The Will Callers, and, closing out the night was the lone, geographically-interloping band left Oklahoma City's Rock Bottom Ramblers.

After the individual sets were finished, the Big Benders' blend of goth, country and punk, the Rock Bottom Ramblers' rootsy, washboard-powered folk rock and the garage rockabilly of The Will Callers had basically placed each of them into the top three, with solid performances that could've legitimately put any of them into the winner's circle.

For those who may be unaware, though, the drama of the night was made even greater just by The Will Callers showing up to play. Tragically, earlier this week, their bass player and lead guitar player died in an auto accident. Yet the band was present and certainly accounted for.

Mercy points, though, would prove to be unnecessary for the twangy, Stones-esque foursome, which was on-point throughout their 30 minute set.

And while the decision of who would win was tough for the throng of judges, The Will Callers were just too good to be denied. The band won the recording contract on the merits of their blazing performance. And their attitude and approach last night was nothing short of goose bump-inducing.

The definition of "scene" is often debated. Whether North Texas has a true country scene might be up for debate. But what is easy to see, if one looks closely enough, is the sense of community that lies with not only the bands that were on-stage last night, but the bands that have gone through this competition before, many of which make up the top level of this area's country talent.
- The Dallas Observer

"Dean Seltzer "Lady Luck" review"

Review: Dean Seltzer "Lady Luck"
Dean Seltzer describes his music as "high energy, obnoxious, redneck rock 'n roll." Well, he couldn't have said it better, because Seltzer's terrific new album titled "Lady Luck" is a hard-driving, rockin' amalgamation of Red Dirt and traditional country that is bound to make Dean Seltzer the biggest new Texas music star this year. Dean Seltzer's vocals pop with emotion and intensity on his new single titled "Anyway," which offers a memorable (and hummable) melody and catchy lyrics. This was the perfect choice for Seltzer's first single, as evidenced by the fast rise of "Anyway" on Texas country radio.

The one thing you should know about Dean Seltzer is that he is honest to a fault. In his unofficial bio, Seltzer says: "Like any male musician on the planet, I started playing guitar and singing to pick up girls." And it is this no-holds-barred authenticity that makes this album so successful on tracks like "Version Of The Truth" and "Meteor Shower."

Dean Seltzer wrote or co-wrote five of the album's eleven songs, including the best cut on the album, "Beatle Song." This song has a smooth beat, confident vocals and should be album's second single. "Beatle Song" should be released at the start of summer, because this Dean Seltzer track is destined to be a massive summer hit.

Seltzer shows his more vulnerable side with the deadly serious cut "Huntsville (Life On Death Row)" and the melancholy "Gen 5." But it is on the song "No Way No How" where Dean Seltzer proves that he has the chops to forge a long-term, mainstream country career.

It appears Lady Luck did indeed smile upon Dean Seltzer, because the album "Lady Luck" is an enviable showcase of country talent. But luck can only take you so far, so it's a good thing that this country boy's hard work and keen musical skills are the things that are going to take him to the top. -

"Dean Seltzer tells it like it is"

Dean Seltzer tells it like it is…

The back of his CD (in small print) reads "Copyright 2009 Dean Seltzer Band. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and subject to criminal prosecution and all that legal type crap. Basically, please don't copy my sh#t. Thank you."

And –

“Hi – I’m Dean – I play music. Like any male musician on the planet I started playing guitar and singing to pick up girls and any guy with a guitar in his hands that tells you differently is a frickin liar.”

But, you know what’s even better? He sings it like it is.

His lyrics and emotion when belting out his original tunes are quite refreshing. Dean and his band “The Redneck Mothers” were just at The Firehouse Saloon last week. I enjoyed the performance.

Really it wasn’t just a performance, it was a PARTY!

Let’s just say (in my best Jeff Foxworthy voice) “You might be a Redneck Mothers fan if… your table gets moved to the dance floor, front and center of the stage and it’s then called the V.I.P. section…”

That’s a true story – I kid you not. It happened.

Dean himself is a pretty interesting dude. So glad I got to sit and speak with him… I laughed and smiled until my face hurt.

I am not even sure where to start. Dean Seltzer is a renaissance man. It’s been written about before, and it’s being written about now. He has been a YMCA horseback riding instructor, a snowboarding instructor, lived in Sweden, worked on a movie set, was a division 1A cheerleader, and a surf bum in San Diego.

What’s cool is that all of his past experiences led him to exactly where he is supposed to be right now.

Right now, he is touring around Texas and wherever the road takes him. Or plane. A gig in France called and Dean answered the opportunity. He couldn’t pass up headlining a Texas Music Festival in Mirande, France this past July. I asked him what the crowd was like and he said they got into the music and they were a little behind the times sporting mullets and chaps. But that’s ok. Music is the universal language.

The latest offering from Dean Seltzer and The Redneck Mothers (DSRM) is a full length CD called “Lady Luck”.

Does Dean believe in luck? Yes, no…yes. It WAS a trick question to be fair. I should have asked if he believed in Lady Luck if she wore a bikini, but dang it – you never think of THOSE questions until the interview is over. Anyhow, “Lady Luck” is a CD full of quality songs. Some are slower songs, but most are “get up off your ass and dance” songs. Country rock songs that deserve to be turned up loud in your car (or your home) while being played on radio stations of multiple genres.

“Anyway” was the first single released and “Gen 5” is the second. Both are what you would expect from what Dean describes as “high energy, obnoxious, redneck rock and roll”. Not so much obnoxious though. Redneck is fine I guess. The songs are high energy for sure. Plus, I am sticking with “country rock”. Go buy the CD, listen to it and tell me what YOU think it sounds like.

But on the slower side, “Huntsville (Life on Death Row)” and “Please Come to Boston” are both hauntingly beautiful. Shelli Coe provides the harmony vocals.

Generally speaking, “Lady Luck” as a whole translates well into the live show. The Redneck Mothers are a force onstage. While there is laughter and cutting up, never once did I hear anything other than flawless musicianship. I might have made up that word “musicianship”…. I loved the way the band interacted with the crowd and The Firehouse Saloon staff with improvised drink specials. It was all in fun and I know those who attended got their money’s worth.

For a full set of performance photos on Flickr, click here.

A few more items about Dean Seltzer you may have not known:

His cell phone ringtone is the theme from a Geico Insurance commercial.

He is a Dallas Cowboy fan.

He loves Jägermeister and it’s not only because he is sponsored by the company. He really likes it.

When travelling from show to show, Dean drives the tour van.

And he has strong feelings on sharing music. Dean says you play music because “you love it and have no desire to do anything else”. Unfortunately though, times have become relaxed and music is shared which makes it harder on the full time musician to sell their CD’s.

Public Service Announcement: Support musicians if you enjoy their music. Buy your copy of the CD. Have your friend buy their copy. While life on the road seems glamorous, it’s a job. Sacrifices are made to bring the music to YOU. Show your appreciation the right way.

Dean Seltzer and The Redneck Mothers are Dave Watkins (guitar), Adrian Flores (drums), Andy Garcia (bass) and of course Dean Seltzer (vocals, acoustic guitar).

For more information, check out Dean’s website. - Houston Examiner

"Dean Seltzer - Lady Luck"

“Lady Luck” received a 4 star review from national publication Country Weekly.

Austin-based Dean Seltzer fires off an unexpected cannon blast from the sometimes drab Red Dirt scene with Lady Luck a concentrated burst of raucous country rock with an emphasis on the "rock". Dean keeps Lady Luck loud and fast for the most part, coming off like an amped-up, Texas-grilled version of Arizona's hook-happy Gin Blossoms. Even when the acoustic guitars come out and the tempos go down, as on "Huntsville (Life on Death Row)" the intensity level never lets up - that is, until the closing breeze through Dave Loggins' "Please Come to Boston", a Shellie Coe duet that plays like a well-earned encore.


"Dean Seltzer - Taking Risks"

By John Moesch

Here's everything you might expect from a fifth generation Texan: A great passion and love for his craft; an adventurous spirit; and a risktaking mentality that serves him well as he navigates the music landscape. Just look at his resume: snowboard instructor, valet, horseback instructor, actor, stuntman, and high-energy country singer on the way up!

Fresh from a well-received series of shows in France, Dean Seltzer says he's ready for Texas country fans to embrace his next single, “Gen 5,” from his CD Lady Luck. Dean sounds like many artists when he claims the overseas fans do wonders for his confidence.
They embrace the music wholeheartedly. “It's like an away game for a Division One football team,” said Seltzer. “When you are at home there are a ton of fans and the stands are full. When you go on the road, only the real die-hards make the long trip, willing to sit in the stands in a hostile environment and cheer for their team. “Country music fans over there embrace the music in the same die-hard way. I mean, they love it to the bone.”

Since Lady Luck has received positive reviews from a variety of sources, Seltzer is quick to point out why he thinks it's so well received: “The difference is the producer, C.J. Eiriksson. Not many people will know him by name, but they will certainly recognize the people he has produced,” Seltzer said, referring to Gin Blossoms, Matchbox 20, Blue October and Fastball.

Seltzer spent the better part of a year and a half calling producers and searching people out to get opinions about who should produce the record. “I don't even know how I got his number, but I called him, and he said, 'Sure let's do it.' That was all she wrote,” says Seltzer.

One of the advantages of having a producer like Eiriksson was a bigger sound. “I don't know what knobs he was turning, but he created a more dynamic, explosive sound for the record,” says Seltzer. Dean also wanted to create an album that was more like what he and the band do during their live shows--very high energy (complete with fire breathing) and over the top. He felt that was missing from his first album, Texas Sky. “It just didn't live up to the live show,” he said. “People would come out to the show and buy the album and be disappointed because it didn't have the explosiveness that they just witnessed. We got that with Lady Luck.”

Dean was born in Odessa, spent most of his formative years in Austin and Dallas, and his
last three years of high school at Hillsborough High in Nashville, just down the street from the famous Bluebird Café. He also had a high-profile neighbor, Radney Foster. “Yeah, I mowed his grass for $20,” laughs Seltzer. After turning 18, he decided to feed what he
calls his “inner adrenaline junkie.” This led to many different jobs: parking cars, acting, a stint as a stunt man in a Jet Li movie, teaching horseback riding at a YMCA camp, and teaching gymnastics in Atlanta.

It was during the gymnastics phase that he embarked on one of his more memorable
journeys, chasing a girl to Europe. Literally. “This kid in one of my classes introduced me to his au pair. I immediately asked, 'What the hell is an au pair?' and this incredibly beautiful, six foot tall Scandinavian woman stands up. I was speechless.” They dated for a while, and then Seltzer moved to Texas to take a job teaching horseback riding.
They tried the long distance thing, but, as Seltzer puts it, “When you are crossing seven
time zones it's REALLY a long distance thing.” She eventually broke up with him and after
spending a few weeks heartbroken, the idea of “just going over there” to see her hit him. So he did. He bought a ticket to Europe--his first-- and flew to meet her in Norway, “a stone's throw from the Arctic Circle.” No one in her town spoke English; after finally finding help with translation, he was able to reunite with her. He describes it as “quite an adventure.”

Obviously, Dean doesn't do anything half way. He's the same when it comes to music.
“We just hired a new guitar player. I was so tired of hearing from guitar players or musicians who said, 'Hey man, I have a day gig and it's going pretty well. I don't really want to give that up; I have bills to pay.'” Seltzer figures, if you want it, you go get it. He
places great importance on taking that risk, accepting the fact that you may make less
money initially to pursue a music career. To “I have bills to pay,” Dean Seltzer says,
“Really? And I don't? Shut up!”

John Moesch is Operations Manager for
Cumulus Broadcasting, Midland-Odessa
- Best In Texas Magazine



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Black Rose


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After 14 weeks of competition between 24 bands that cover the entire, vast realm of country music, The Will Callers were selected the Shiner Rising Star 2010 Winners and were signed with Shiner Records.

While the decision of who would win was tough for the industry-saavy judges, the twangy, Stones-esque Will Callers were just too good to be denied. The band won the recording contract on the merits of their blazing performance.

The consensus was the band's attitude and approach was nothing short of goose bump-inducing. The Will Callers are currently in the studio recording their debut album w/ the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard.