Will Carroll

Will Carroll

 Oxford, Connecticut, USA

Acoustic," rocked for your Soul..."
A soulful, emotional experience live...


Will Carroll,
Singer songwriter,musician.after playing around Texas and the southwest area,at premier venues,solo and with great bands for over 25 years is now living in Oxford Connecticut and will be performing on the east coast.
A live performance is a soulful ,moving,mellow experience,havin been compared to,Traffic,Peter Gabriel,Cat Stevens,Crosby,Stills,Nash,Steely Dan
and so on.
A classic musical performance that fits in any music venue....


What keeps me goin on

Written By: Will Carroll

there's a fog rollin on over the city,
and I get so frustrated that you won't be here,
another night of lookin out,and seein the lonely try
driftin off, high on a cloud,
I hope the wind will take me there,
but I'm here in deep ellum,
and alone in this bar and thinkin I'm waiting too long

and all I ever do is pay more dues.
what keeps me goin on

And I can't remember what it 's like,wanted to ask you
what you said, as you walked on by ,
smilin at my soul ,and stealin my heart away,
...and I dream of you now,and I ask myself why,
What keeps me goin on
but there's nothin I can do,
helpless ,I can't move,
all I ever do is pay dues
what keeps me goin on....


New cd's"13th Full Moon,"Catbox", "Leading the Broken Hearts","Everybody Loses",and more on I-Tunes,Amazon,Nimbit and store locations on facebook,reverbnation,etc.
Styles range from acoustic,rock jazz and more...

Set List

a set is originals, and a few classic covers,by beatles,stones,traffic,etc...
all songs are available for free downloads and listens,links to all @ http://listn.to/WillCarroll