Will Clapson

Will Clapson


Loud trashy tight indy, with skippy drum and bass beats, and a touch of musical and lyrical naivity! As well as moments of acousticness and electro driven rants about undescribable things!


I write songs with a band and wanted to try out some songs that i think sound better with one piece, the songs i write are filled with influences from a range of different artists, including Radiohead, The Cure, Nirvana, Pendulum, DJ Shadow, Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths adn many more. I like to think i have something different but who am i to see every one does!


Starts like this

Written By: Will Clapson

It Starts like this

Girl sitting on her window sill
Wont go to school says that she feels ill
Doesnt complain much and hardly a shock
That she likes heavy metal and emotional rock
Lads hanging round the back by the slides
The trendys see them coming and their forced to hide
Not cos they were told to they just have
Attractive lady likes a dance now and then
Goes out every Friday to the clubs with her friends
A good paid a job, a long term boyfriend
R+B and trance are the types to which she pretends

So lets go down to the party by the sea
And i can get with a chavette while the chavs are watching me
But theyll piss and theyll moan theyll hustle up a fight
Not kos their wrong not kos their right
Because its not like looking in a mirror
And it becomes a little more like a war
Theres no stopping them knocking at our door
Thier just a box with information on the door
Thier just a box wiht information on the door

Repeat verse and chorus!

121212 She says she comes out every day
But shes four hours away, from the brick house with the slate roof
You know what im saying when you cant control your
State of science stae of mind
So with two corporate hands shining in the sky
Waiting for them to take our minds we can have it but we must say that
Thier just a box with information on the door
Thier just a box with information all over the door