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Will Dailey @ Harper's Ferry

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Allston, Massachusetts, USA

Will Dailey @ Arlene's Grocery

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Will Dailey @ The Paradise

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Will Dailey’s latest release, “GoodbyeRedBullet,” on Wheelkick Records, is a warm, lush, and sometimes epic record, dedicated to the much-loved, well-traveled red Honda Civic which helped pay for its production. Recorded entirely on analog tape machines, it has the feel and sound of a record produced in the 1970’s, reminiscent of some of Led Zeppelin’s milder pieces, sometimes even hinting at Pink Floyd’s musical vastness. His voice rings with a sweet roughness which brings to mind Martin Sexton or Ben Harper as he sings emotive songs in confessional tones. It’s a mature, adventurous, genuine recording by an artist determined to show the world that it’s okay to pour your heart and soul into something – and then give it to the world. - Skope Magazine

MATERIAL: Will Dailey is a Boston-bred artist who's a classic singer/songwriter. So much so, that he's almost a throwback to the glory days of Donovan, Van Morrison and Nick Drake. His folk-rock songs delve into sweeping themes, both personal and observational. With his fluid arrangements, breathtaking vocals and strong melodies, he takes listeners on a beautiful journey filled with emotional layers and enough dynamics for a full band. Indeed, to say his material is exceptional would be an understatement. This is an artist with a bright future.

MUSICIANSHIP: Dailey is such a natural, he makes it all look easy. His talent is at such a high level that even his sophisticated approach to song structure and arrangement seems simple, but it’s not. The dynamics he infuses his songs with are impressive and his vocals are spot on. This is the type of artist you could listen to for hours on end and never tire of his music.

PERFORMANCE: With an easy-going demeanor and nonchalant attitude, Dailey charmed the audience. He talked about his songs and life in such a conversational and effortless way that it was easy to like him. Even his humor scored points with the crowd. In fact, you could easily imagine him in a much larger arena, filled with adoring fans. No doubt, a great deal of Dailey’s stage presence was created by being on the road, proving what touring can do for an act.

SUMMARY: Will Dailey has already sold 10,000 records and toured the country from coast to coast. Today, with artists like James Blunt ruling the charts, Dailey appears poised to enter that rarified atmosphere. One break is all it will take. And if there’s any justice at all, he should get that break soon, because he conveys artistry at its finest.

-Bernard Baur
- Music Connection/ Vol. 30, No. 07 03/27/06 to 04/09/06

Will Dailey picks up where he left off from his tremendous last album
Goodbyeredbullet. His songs are Mayer-esque but on Back Flipping Forward he ups the ante with infectious melodies that are instant hits. Only Dailey could make the words "Boom boom ba-boom boom" sound awesome.
The guitars are great with slight twang on them. I thought there would be so much buzz surrounding Will Dailey on his last release that surely his follow-up would be on a major but no apparently they're still holding out that Britney Spears will put down her fried twinkie. Heartfelt emotions wrapped around modern rock with pop hooks that nearly lift you out of your seat, Back Flipping Forward is quickly becoming my favorite pop album of 2006. - Smother.net

“Seemingly he would appear on every kid's mixed CD coast to coast.”
April 14, 2003
- Demo Diaries

Somehow traversing the line between John Maher and Rufus Wainwright at least vocally, “Goodbyeredbullet” is a story of a man possessed with his craft so much so that he sold his Red Honda Civic (the Red Bullet) and presented a tribute to it. Yes, every penny of not only his bank account but his soul went into the writing and recording of this album. And it’s this sort of passionate love for music that helps create memorable art that stands the test of time; which is precisely what we have here. He’s been recognized—2002’s best male vocalist in the Boston Music Awards and as a semi-finalist in the International Song Writing Competition in 2003—but its this album that is the accomplishment that will have him going down in history as potentially one of the indie world’s best contributors. I dare you to find a better independently released album this year.
- Smother.net

Boston's favorite crooner sets out on his own, leaving the confines of a great band, Mappari, to make his own name. Well, the results, ladies and gentleman, are outstanding. Tender harmonies, emotional lyrics and hooks galore make this one of the best cds I have heard in a while. Will is not your ordinary singer/songwriter and this is not your ordinary batch of songs. If you are a fan of Dave Matthews, Ben Harper or even local songsmith, Bleu, you will probably dig this cd.
- What's Up Magazine

"Dailey’s ability to take a melancholy subject matter and ably apply it to an upbeat tune is part of the genius he displays on his latest offering. Dailey’s songs range from a decidedly pop sound to a darker quality, which is anything but predictable. Dailey seems able to adapt to any sound, and Back Flipping Forward certainly seems to have the ability to enter the mainstream. Before long, Will Dailey’s name will be on the lips of DJs, VJs, and fans everywhere." - Northeastern Performer


Will Dailey & The Medicine Ball
Will Dailey- Goodbye Red Bullet


Feeling a bit camera shy


Will Dailey and the story of the Red Bullet

In November of last year Will Dailey embarked on a soulful project to create a standout album. He wanted to craft a record that stood up for independent artists struggling to keep their heads above water. The only way to do that, Dailey says, “is to sacrifice everything.” The dynamic eleven tracks of “goodbyeredbullet” is a palpable example of doing just that.

In designing the album, this born and bred Bostonian sheds his skin and lends his heart and soul. There’s no holding back in songs like “Slow her down” and “Wound up” where he conveys his own personal findings on love and relationships; two things Dailey believes are out of our control. On the stunning opus, “Casual Friday” we are blessed with Dailey’s depth of musical talent. The song starts as an acoustic whisper but crescendos to layers of horns, choirs, and percussions.

Not only did he release his abilities lyrically and musically, he spent every penny he had to make the album. Why? Dailey explains, “I knew that I needed to incorporate a plethora of instruments on this record to express certain vulnerabilities to some of these songs.” So Dailey sold the car that helped him build the fan base that will ironically buy this record—his little red Honda Civic—the “Red Bullet.”

Crisscrossing the U.S. and Canada by plains, trains, buses or via the “Red Bullet,” Dailey has encouraged a loyal national following; one that has contributed to independent sales of over 10,000 CDs. As president of his own label with acts such as Mappari, Jon Gorey, and Max Heinegg, Dailey has shown his value.

Many have compared Dailey, 26, to Nick Drake, early Stones, Zepplin, Cat Stevens, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, Badly Drawn Boy, and Iron and Wine. There is truth in the vulnerable aspects of Dailey's voice; an aspect that is too remiss from today's music.

With his musical roots in rock and roll, his heart full in the present, and his feet aimed at the future, Dailey has already accomplished what music lovers admire. People long for artists who aren’t afraid to put their whole selves on record and express themselves in ways that listeners can empathize— eagerly awaiting each lyric and melody with anticipation. Will Dailey is a performer you must see, Goodbyeredbullet is a must have album, and sure to be the beginning of a collection that will indeed cross generations.