Will Edwards

Will Edwards


My music blends two important parts of the performance experience - harmonic connection and lyrical engagement. The words are poetry and the music connects with the moment - clearing a space and redeeming the world.


Will Edwards' debut record earned a nomination for Best Acoustic Artist at the San Diego Music Awards in 2003. As a songwriter, Will Edwards is inspired by the common truths that redeem us all at the end of the human struggle. His songs inspire and reflect on his personal experiences with patience and forgiveness; with finding new truth in the old traditions and defying conventional ways of living in order to experience the moment. Will's live performances, from San Diego to Vancouver & Chicago, bring audiences into a special moment where hope is redeemed and struggle is rewarded. Welcome!


If I Did Anthing Right - Tangled Records
Lookout Road - Tangled Records

Set List

Sets are typically between 30 - 50 (5-8 songs) minutes. Concerts range from 1-3 sets and can last as long as 3 hours. I typically perform original material. Common songs include:

City Walls
Mountain of Nickels
If I did anything Right
Showing the way
Wildfire/Blue Soul
Treasure Maps
Stronger Dreams
I Don't Care If People Stare