Willene Luper

Willene Luper


Willene Luper is the Jill Scott of Gospel. Her progressive mix of sultry, contemporary gospel will encourage your soul!



"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 has been the foundational verse that Willene Luper has stood on for the past 28 years. Her debut album, "It's All Gonna Work Out," reinforces the impact of this scripture in her life.

Willene began writing song lyrics and singing at age 7. Some of Willene's early gospel influences were Yolanda Adams, Aretha Franklin, the Winans, Take 6, Beverly Crawford, Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sisters, and Tremaine Hawkins. While completing coursework, and juggling the ministries of a wife and mother, Willene began to compile lyrics about the issues of life.

Although Willene was saved at the early age of 11, throughout the late '90's, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Lady Serita Jakes were a huge inspiration in Willene's life, leaving Willene with a hunger to learn more about Scripture and being a loosed woman. Thus, Willene recorded "Woman, Thou Art Loosed," which reinforces Bishop T.D. Jake's stage play and movie.

After Willene moved to the Dallas area from Iowa in 1999, she joined the Potters House Church soon after where she sang with the Mass Choir, volunteered as a mentor for the Debutante Alumni Program, and served as a member of the Prison Ministry's Praise Team.

Willene completed her bachelor's degree in 1997 after student teaching in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate with highest distinction and highest honors, double majoring in Journalism Education and Speech & Drama from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City. Two years later, Willene completed her master's degree in Educational Administration at the University of Iowa.

Prior to receiving certification to be a principal, she was selected to be a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and conduct research on the educational system in Ghana, West Africa. Willene has completed her Educational Administration doctoral degree coursework at University of North Texas, and plans to be a superintendent and a college professor in the future.

Willene grew up at Third Missionary Baptist Church in Davenport, Iowa, where she directed the Angelic Choir, and later was a director and soloist in the Mass Choir. Willene began formally studying music, playing the piano and clarinet at age 10. She has appeared in numerous programs, plays, and musicals. She also sang and directed in the University of Iowa's Gospel Choir, Voices of Soul. She has showcased her vocal talent in front of a wide range of audiences, from Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis to Maya Angelou. Willene has opened for gospel legend Vickie Winans and "The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi."

Willene's talents are not limited to music. She is a teacher in the Dallas Independent School District, a Speech and Debate coach, the owner of "Ethnic Hairwear," and most importantly, the wife of James Luper and mother of Nettesha, 17, Jaelene, 5, and Nia Luper, 3.

Willene's debut album, "It's All Gonna Work Out" is sure to encourage the souls of people from all walks of life.

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Woman, Thou Art Loosed

Written By: Willene Luper

Woman, oh, woman thou art loosed
Oh woman, oh, woman thou art loosed

Verse 1
Found yourself in a bad situation
Mind filled with anticipation
And now you’re making a declaration:
That I am loosed

You been down so, so long
Didn't know how it feels to be strong
That's why I'm singing this song
Cause I am loosed

It’s such a thrill to me
That I am, I'm finally free
I believe in my destiny
I won’t let the devil steal from me, no!

Crazy as its might seem
I know that it’s not a dream
I made it (2x)
I made it on a wing and a prayer!


Verse 2
Old things don't matter anymore
I know just what I'm living for
On eagles wings I will soar
‘Cause I am loosed

Whether you’re my friend or my foe
Just know wherever I go
I represent (2x), Oh
Jesus Christ my Lord


I know with what you be going through
Say it's difficult to smile
Look at your trials
Look how you overcoming them now
I love the way your voice sound
Making my knees weak
It’s something about the way that your spirit just draws me
Open your doors, let me explore
Breaking your chains
Touching your core, watch and absorb
Capture this flame
You born to reign, simple and plain, birthed with shaped with greatness
Been shaped by His highness into the finest
Clay I ever beheld with a story to tell
And the only way to touch me is behind the veil, well
Let the woman travail and crack the earth
Cause this is what it sounds like when you're giving birth
Ooh, and I can see His anointing please
Don’t ever keep it away from me
Like thoughts conceived inside your mind
In due season you bound to shine
Vamp (6x)
Loosed from the chains that bind you
Loosed from the mess that finds you
Loosed to a future with possibility
Loosed from the fear that grips you
Loosed from the blocks that trip you
Loosed to a brighter day
Sing it with me

God in Your Life

Written By: Willene Luper

Verse 1
Out with the old, in with the new
Gotta make every effort
To become more like you
Like caterpillars become butterflies
Gotta change from the inside out
Let old habits die!

Started a good work and He'll help you grow
Don't you get weary
Let Him renew your soul, Oh
Every thing has a time and a season
When disappointments come
It’s only for a reason

It is in Him that we move
In Him that we move
It is in Him that we breathe
In Him that we breathe
It is in Him we have purpose
We have purpose
It is in Him we have our being

If you've got God in your life
You can move mountains
If you've got God in your life
Nothing too hard to achieve
If you've got God in your life
Overcome any obstacles
If you've got God in your life
You can be redeemed!

Verse 2
In His own image, God made us strong
Cast your cares upon Him
And the storm won't last long
When you've got problems, can't pay the rent
Remember nothing's insignificant
He's your best friend

Draw close to God, He'll draw close to you
Have an intimate connection
And He'll see you through
We'll stand before God and bear our souls
Pray to Him that He'll keep you
And make you whole


Male Chorus (Repeat)
If you love Him, trust Him!
You can leave your troubles behind.

Ad Lib

Power in Your Name

Written By: Willene Luper

Intro Ballad
There's power in your name
There's healing in your name
There's love in your name
There's joy in your name
There's peace in your name
No other name is the same
I love to call the name
Of…Jesus Christ the King of Kings

Verse 1
Oh Lord, don't forget about me
Right now I'm in a difficult situation
Oh Lord, don't turn your back on me
Cause there's a brick wall that I'm facing

But there's power in your name
There's healing in your name
There's love in your name
There's joy in your name
There's peace in your name
No other name is the same
I love to call the name
Of Jesus Christ the King of Kings

Verse 2
Lord, I feel the weight of the world
Pressing upon my shoulders
Oh Lord, backstabbers and cheats
Robbers and thieves, freeloaders


Vamp (4x)
Jesus Christ the King of Kings
Oh, Jesus Christ the King of Kings
I love to call your name
Jesus Christ the King of Kings
Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords
Oh, Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords
I love to call your name
Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords

Vamp in Spanish (2x)

Written by W. Luper/Produced b y Homer Smith/Lead Vocals W. Luper/
Background Vocals: W. Luper and Sivon/ Music by Sivon and H. Smith/
Recorded by H. Smith at Urban Crest Productions
©2004 Willene Owens Luper


2004 It's All Gonna Work Out"
Tracks with streaming and radio airplay include:
1. Power in Your Name
2. Since I Decided to Change
3. Wishywashiness
4. What's the Deal
5. It's All Gonna Work Out
6. Woman, Thou Art Loosed

Set List

1. Power in Your Name
2. God in Your Life
3. Since I Decided to Change
4. Trust and Obey
5. Wishywashiness
6. Interlude
7. Everything I Need
8. What's the Deal
9. It's All Gonna Work Out
10. Woman, Thou Art Loosed
11. Praise You
12. Thank You