emcee Will E.P. with DJ Arisa Sound

emcee Will E.P. with DJ Arisa Sound

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Hip hop from the alternative universe. Beauty and the Beast: beautiful talented multinational DJ, crazy old school MC, multimedia hip hop show. Original and entertaining in every way.


Emcee Will E.P. was there at the birth of rap (arbrecordings.com) went into hibernation. Back now. Kept the rhymes, collage art form, left the rest. Working with a great American art form in an idiosyncratic way, no self sensorship, if you want something truly and deeply original, open your mind a crack.

DJ Arisa Sound is half Thai, half Mexican, lived in Paris, new to NYC as of 2007. Speaks 4 languages, plays 3 instruments and sings. A real talent, she DJs all over the city from myspace.com/marisasound

"If points for creativity were the only criteria for reviews, Emcee Will E.P.ā€™s This Pound of Flesh (2007) would likely warrant Album of the Year. The sheer scope of this double-disc, two-and-a-half hour opus alone is impressive, but would be ridden with pitiful self-importance were it not quite listenable and frankly, quite good. Throughout the course of the 38 tracks here, Will E.P. raps, argues with himself, recites fairy tales, laughs maniacally at his own jokes, discusses everything from politics to sex changes, imitates a baboon ā€“ oh, and there are appearances from supporting characters named Dark Monk and The Elf. ... Iā€™m having trouble recalling the last time a record was this flat-out entertaining."
ā€” Floodwatchmusic.com



Written By: emcee Will E P

freedom, that comes first of all
to the cabal it's reversable
with an ax that's small big wood can fall
certainly tall you felled one tree


THIS POUND OF FLESH 2007 -- 2 cd 38 tracks

In the pliestocene: BADDEST AND THE HIPPEST
Maroon - THE FUNKY RECORD (1989) Maroon
THE MUTHERPLUCKER (1992) emcee Will E P

Set List

DJ Arisa Sound is tremndous: plays keyboards, turntable and violin in the show. A set includes video with me interacting with myself (comedy skits), projected images overwhich I rap, simultaneous rapping while mixing and projecting the mix tracks on the screen -- it's a sing-a-long with a sampled Mongolian throat singer saying something that sounds like I DON'T WANT NO YESTISH. For some tracks I have meat production in the back, or classic atomic bomb footage, or shovelling manure, or myself, interacting with my live version. It's crazy.