Will Frost

Will Frost

 Christchurch, Canterbury, NZL

Kiwi singer/songwriter has a classical background but with a folky pop twist. Hard out emotional ballad belting, yodeling falsetto and everything in between. Recorded and lauched debut album 'Shelter' with the help of 3 friends, a tiny budget and lots and lots of candy.


Will Frost has sung all his life in Choirs and now teaches voice and conducts choirs. Every cent he has earnt doing this he has invested in his voice, from choir subscriptions, to concert tickets and now his debut album.

In January this year a friend emailed Will a link to a songwriting competition in post earthquake Christchurch, NZ. He was a finalist in the competition with his song "It's Time." and at that point his friend suggested that he write some more songs and record an album.

The pair took advice from the NZ Music Commission (the advice can be summarised as "good luck but we think you are mad) and Will went on to beat his deadline of launching for May - which is NZ Music Month by a week.

He enjoys taking his music into unusual locations - which in a city that has lost a lot of performance venues in a major earthquake is just as well. He launched his CD in a picnic shelter, and has played to people in libraries, on a dolphin cruise and school halls. He was a finalist in the UC Battle of the Bands (not bad for a guy on his own) and has played in festivals such as The Festival of Flowers, Winterlude and Children's Day.


Number Nine

Written By: Will Frost

They say it’s too late, but you never know
Love can take you by surprise.
So I won’t look away and I won’t let go
I’ll look straight ahead into your eyes.
I’ve played my hand and I’ve played the fool
But there’s never any sense in giving in.
This is my final stand then it’s up to you
You’re the only heart I can win.

You are my Number Nine, and I’m gonna get it right this time.
I know you’ve heard it all before but I swear I can be something more.
You are my Number Nine, won’t you please let your heart be mine.
I’ll do it right this time for sure, can’t bear to see you walk out the door.

The human heart isn’t made to last
So it pays to use it while you can.
I’ll search through the dark, aware of my past.
I’ll be better than any other man.
Yes I’ve made mistakes, but I’m one to learn
I’m not going down without a fight.
I have broken eight, and it always hurts.
But I feel I’m safe with Number Nine.





Shelter is available on iTunes
1. It's Time
2. Eternity
3. Clarity
4. Two Hearts
5. One in Five
6. The Hero and His Friends
7. Shelter
8. Interlude
9. Number Nine
10. May We Meet Again

Set List

Songs from the album Shelter
New acoustic songs written since Shelter was recorded
1 cover of a female NZ singer/songwriter such as Brooke Fraser.