will harp

will harp


our aim is to please the people of the riches music ever made the classic hit's of the 70's from stylistics to james brown harold melvin& the blue notes...with rich sound that the ear's can bear to listen and groove too..


the sound that we have is rich and vibre so you can enjoy it we love doing bill wither's.. the barkays is what influence us to become a one man show and only do the song;s we know are good enough...


yes we did had song's on the air waves in the early 80's..self promoted but as you know there was not an internet so bigger budget's was needed..wow.. where was the internet ????in the 80's...lol... the song's were: simple me, how i feel about you , dreams,.was recorded at track masters studios downtown buffalo,new york..

Set List

are set's are anywhere from 45min. to 60min. depending how the crowd is grooving to be honest..
if you think i'am sexy. marvin gay ...what;s going on...the love i lost..harold's blue note's.. youre going to miss my loving-lou rawls. you make me feel brand new..stylistics...and if you want to dance we have the pp..funk..too....jeffery osborne...