Will Hutchinson
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Will Hutchinson

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Folk Acoustic


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"Loving Will Hutchinson's, Arrive"

With his debut LP, Arrive, Will Hutchinson has stepped onto the music scene with a knock-out album. This ten track collection never lets you down, pounding you with one solid song after another. His voice is beautiful, the melodies happy, the lyrics strong, and the harmonies dead on. When Hutchinson sings on “Without You,� a sad song about losing a loved one, the swelling harmonies give you chills. His music pulls you into the songs and paints vivid images playing out before you through every beat. Arrive is the type of album every singer/songwriter aspires to produce. You will love this album! Will Hutchinson, you keep on singing your sweet melody!

Will Hutchinson’s, Arrive is available now on ITunes. - The Silver Tongue

"That good old feeling from Will Hutchinson"

Opening acts the Pin-ups and Tens of People have done their sets and departed by the time I arrive. Hutchinson's set as the featured act is pleasant. With airy, wistful vocals, backing himself capably on acoustic rhythm guitar, leading a band of lead guitar, drums and bass, he shows considerable promise as a tunesmith. Can't be much out of his early 20s with a likeable demeanor, has a good command of melody and avoids getting stuck in a stylistic rut. The songs are folkish soft-rock that give the impression he's got a vintage record collection or has been listening to his parents' stack of oldies. For instance, Hutchinson starts out with "March" from his fine debut album Arrive, casually strumming in idle, upbeat fashion; as the number gets underway, I can't help thinking, If Neil Young could actually sing, this is sort of what he'd sound like. Hutchinson has that kind of laid-back feel, but can actually hold a tune and phrases nicely. It's a good set, marvelously enhanced when Wiley sits in to supply smokey vocals for a duet on the old John Hiatt chestnut "Have A Little Faith In Me." You won't find it recorded by either of them, so next time they're on a bill together, make it a point to drop in. They do the song beautifully. - Twin Cities Daily Planet


Still working on that hot first release.



Songs in their finest forms are expressions of the most intimate moments of an artists' existence. When Will Hutchinson writes a song he comes from a genuine place, and the ability for the audience to relate to sometimes hard truths is the basis of his magnetism on stage and through his recordings.

Growing up in Nebraska, Will started playing piano at the age of 4 and his sense of ear quickly moved him forward to singing and any other random instrument his dad could find at garage sales around town. At 17, he moved to Minneapolis to pursue education and music in a larger city and was aquatinted for the for the first time with a truly thriving music scene. In the presence of so many talented and creative musicians, Will became captivated by no longer just playing songs that he had heard but creating a new sound of his own.

Seven years down the road, Will is currently living in Los Angeles, one of the three largest music cities in the country and playing every chance he gets. He is in the midst of releasing his third album titled "Goldfish Diaries," which is the scattered recollection of a devastatingly beautiful relationship.