William Blakeley

William Blakeley


Intense... Atmospheric... Thoughtprovoking... Combines elements and influences of Alt-Country and Folk into sounds that both haunt and inspire...


William's songs shimmer and glow with an ethereal, otherworldly light. Gifted with a beautiful voice, mesmerising stage presence and assured musicianship. William has stepped out of the mold as a performer with songs that leave audiences spellbound and wanting more.

William's musical journey began in 2000 as the vocalist and creative force in the experimental duo's Solid State and Revelation. After attracting a cult following and acclaim for an EP "Arresting Starkness" and single "Chase The Dragon" it was time to take the plunge as a solo artist.

The last twelve months have been an exciting stage in William's development. Work has commenced on his debut solo release and numerous performances throughout the east coast have seen him share the stage with artists such as Tim Ireland and Peggy Seeger. William's music is welcomed by all who appreciate the richness and honesty of a well crafted song.

William's music has been likened to that of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and Nick Cave, although they share a common mood and a love for strange, dark tales of pain and beauty, the truth is much simpler. William's music is unique...


Revelation "Chase The Dragon" (Single, 2004)
Solid State "Arresting Starkness" (EP, 2003)
Tracks from both releases have been played on Triple J, Fbi 94.5 and ABC 666AM. They can be downloaded from www.williamblakeley.com, William is currently working on his debut solo release due out in late 2006.

Set List

Beneath The Waves (acoustic)
Storm (acoustic)
This Final Hour (acoustic)
Wraith (acoustic)
This Final Hour (electric)
Fallen Angel (electric)
Letter To Violet (electric)
Ghosts (electric)

My performances consist entirely of original songs and are usually presented in intimate solo acoustic/electric mode.
I generally perform one forty-fifty minute set for maximum impact and effect.