William (Chico) Schwall

William (Chico) Schwall


Folksinger, multi-instrumentalist and songpoet sings & plays songs that reflect a long journey through traditional music and, hopefully, light the way ahead. New songs with gnarly roots.


Schwall has played concerts, club and festivals in the Northwest and beyond, sung at anti-war rallies, directed folk song camps for kids, fiddled for Grange Hall dances, played banjo with orchestras and provided music for theatre and multi-media shows. Recent shows include the Bite of Oregon, the Oregon Country Fair, the Shedd and the Willamette Valley Folk Festival. Coming up: he's a featured showcase artist at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest gathering, playing the Taunton (MA) folk Festival, Two Way Street in Chicago, Living Traditions Concert series in Anaheim and the Portland Folk Song Society Concert series.


What I Know About Love

Written By: William Chico Schwall

Stand in a circle that I walk, the circle of my days, so I can see how light and shadow dance upon your face in different ways. I bathe in you like sunshine in the spring, I drink you in like Sabbath wine. I look for you like shooting stars and watch as you light up the sky. And what I know about love wouldn't make a song. Every time I thought I had it figured out, it seems that I was wrong.
I dream in the day time and I can't sleep at night. I try to live one step and then the next, and one day I'll get it right. They say that I should get some rest, that I should spend some time alone, but I'm too restless to rest, too lonely to be all alone. And what I know about myself wouldn't make a song. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to last this long.
And I have every book you gave me, and every letter that you sent. But objects are not people and tokens not the things they represent. I can hear your questions echo like the sound of ringing bells. And if I say I love you does that mean that I don't love nobody else? And what I know about love wouldn't make a song. Every time I thought I had it figured out, it seems that I was wrong.


Driving By Moonlight

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Cut Off the Line

Set List

A typical set list has some of my songs, like "What I Know About Love," "Here On Earth" and "The Song I Haven't Written Yet," along with instrumental tunes new and old on various instruments, and folk songs in three languages from Americana and World Music traditions.