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M is for Mingus, F is for Freedom

Written By: William David Fastenow

(to be read in the voice and manner of the great Mr. Charles Mingus)

People running from the streets
Running from the white man
The white man who has his cane
Beating women and children
Of all races but his own

They run for shelter
In schools and churches
Temples and synagogues
They run for cover into their homes

But the white man keeps coming
He bangs on their door
With sticks and crosses
Carrying a flag that’s supposed to stand for freedom.

They carry the American Flag
-The White Flag-
Sure there’s freedom and equality in America
All you got to do is have white skin

Yeah, then there’s freedom in America
There’s a whole lot of freedom.


Written By: William David Fastenow

(no lyrics)
(song inspired from the Mel Allen photograph: Ullswater)