Will Galison

Will Galison


I am an exceptional jazz harmonica player. Toots Thielmans calls me the "The most individual voice of the New Generation of Harmonica players". I am also a songwriter singer. My Campaign song for Obama; "Takin it Back With Barack Jack" named "best campaign song of the season" by Huffington Post


Will Galison is best known as one of the world's preeminent studio harmonica players, having recorded on hundreds of albums, movie and TV scores and commercials. He has recorded and/ or recorded with artists such as Sting, Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon and Ruth Brown and played on movie scores such as "The Untouchables", "Bagdad cafe" and "Prelude to a Kiss". He is especially proud to be featured in the theme of "Sesame Street"!

Will has also recorded several CD's as a featured artist and several other as co-leader. In 2003 William released "Got You On My Mind" the colaboration with singer Madeleine Peyroux.

GYOMM features Galison's harmonica virtuousity, but also reveals that Will is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (with a distinctive voice on guitars) a fine singer and songwriter, and an outstanding producer as well.

Galison wrote two songs on GYOMM, collaborated with Peyroux on a third, produced the entire album, and played no fewer than seven different instruments.

In recent years, Will has concentrated on his songwriting, and has proven to have a an extraordinary talent in this area. His songs provide fresh, memorable melodies, sophisticated harmonies and a range of lyrics that runs from the sublime to the hilarious.

Will is proud of his campaign song for Barack Obama; "Takin' it Back With Barack Jack", which was called the best campaign song of the 2008 season by the Huffington Post and received over 500,000 views on Youtube.

According to campaign manager David Axelrod, the President saw the video and "got a big kick out of it"!


All in this Boat

Written By: Galison


Everybody is born in beauty
Shining bright as the morning star
Every baby is their mamma’s little cutie
Mama’s let your babies know what beauties they are.

Even a villain like Attilla the Hun
Loved a game of peek-a-boo when he was one

And we’re all in this boat together
But it feels like we’re drifting all alone

Every body must change with nature
Wake up one morning with a brand new shell
Every carefree child becomes a troubled teenager
Wondering if she’s cool enough to be herself

Even Elvis and Marilyn Monroe
stared into the Mirror cryin’ “why am I so?”

We’re all in this boat together
But it feels like we’re drifting all alone

Driftin’ driftin’, seems like were driftin’ all alone

Modulation and solo

Everybody is surely getting older
Time is the hunter and we’re the prey
No one sees him comin’ ‘til he’s over your shoulder
Only way to slow him is to seize the day

Even Charlie Atlas has to give up his place
when that old bully time starts kickin sand in his face
and we’re all in this boat together
feels like we’re driftin all alone.

Everybody must shuffle this coil
Before we pass on to the other side
But is it just the other side of the soil
Or the beginning of a whole new ride?

Even the atheist however devout
Will face his final moment with a moment of doubt

and we’re all in this boat together

and we’re all in this boat together

and we’re all in this boat together

feels like we’re driftin all alone.

Bobby and Sally

Written By: Galison

Bobby and Sally

Copyright 2000 will galison

Bobby thinks if his balding spot shows through
Its gonna blow his cover
Sally thinks if she gets the right tattoo
She’s gonna draw a lover
Up above the heavens spin
Down below amoebas swim
On the street the two walk past each other

Bobby checks if tight new leather pants
Are really cut to flatter.
Sally checks if her lace boustier from France
Makes her butt look fatter
Up above an asteroid looms
Down below the algae blooms
Bob and Sally feel like nothing matters

Won’t you Come explore this great big world with me
At least This tiny section of the spectrum we can see

Bobby works at the “life is art café”
He’s the brand new waiter
Sally sits at her booth in section A
Reading Casteneda
Up above a pleasant glow
Hormones racing down below
Sally asks “hey what you doin later?”

Go for it dude, don’t blow this one, Romeo

Bobby opens the door to his junk-yard room
And apologizes
Sally makes with a dustpan and a broom
And “reorganizes”
While his life is rearranged
Robert sees his fortunes change
Who knew life held any more surprises?

Won’t you Come explore this crazy world with me
At least This tiny section of the spectrum we can see

Bobby feels like she just might understand
He doesn’t need a cover
Sally smiles and she takes him by the hand
She knows she’s found her lover
Continents will drift apart
To the beat of sparrow’s hearts
Bob and sally smile and hold each other.

But tonight our friends have got each other.


Overjoyed - Verve 1989
Calling You- Polydor 1991
Midnight Sun- 1997
Love Letters- 2000
Got You On My Mind - 2003
Line Open- 2009

Set List

I like to intersperse jazz tunes featuring harmonica (standards and originals) with original lyric songs.

I play both chromatic harmonica and blues harp, enabling me to play in wide range of styles from tango to delta blues.

I have a propensity for latin and world beats, but I love to swing. Stylistic versatility is a strong element of my performance, but authentic styles are deeply respected.

All of my musicians have are deeply