William Green

William Green

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His talent and energy ignite any stage he graces! William has brought his charismatic charm and keyboard mastery to audiences around the world while performing with 5-time Grammy Nominee Susan Tedeschi as well as many other acclaimed artists.


William Green is a musical artist that captures and expresses the sentiments of a generation. He is continuously expanding his horizons to make an impact on society by creating a union between music and life. Through his music, he has allowed different genres of contemporary jazz, rhythm and blues, pop and gospel to integrate into a new and unique form. William has brought his charismatic charm and keyboard mastery to audiences around the world while performing nationally with acclaimed artists such as Peabo Bryson, Cameo, Jennifer Holiday, Freddie Hubbard and Curtis Mayfield.

Currently, William is the music director for acclaimed contemporary blues artist and 5-time Grammy nominee, Susan Tedeschi. He tours with the band nationally and internationally playing keyboards and the Hammond B-3.

Green's second solo album, Green Valley, is a collection of 12 original songs emphasizing cool jazz with a real R&B feel to the vocals. The CD is full of flair including multi-Grammy winning artist Boney James, featured on the track "Lakeshore Drive".

"I'm very happy with my new CD as it represents where I am now musically," says William Green. “It isn't as much a departure from the last CD as it is a path of growth. I think this new recording will bring in some new fans, while more than satisfying the ones who have been there all along." -JAZZ NEWS

The band is impassioned. William Green executes a magnificent Hammond B-3 solo that is ‘fat’, soulful and spirited. The band is trading solo passages to display talented musical chemistry and capture the audience’s imagination."

"I have goose bumps all over. William Green’s piano solo is double-time, with vivid hand percussion accents and crescendos."

"Susan’s vocal engages in a captivating answer/response passage with the Hammond B-3. The subsequent B-3 solo reaches the heavens. Wow! The entire audience is clapping along as the tenor solo is hot! The arrangement goes into double-time and is truly inspiring. Now, William Green on keyboards is going wild! What incredible showmanship."

His is music that motivates & inspires your Mind, Body & Soul. Smooth jazz in the spirit of Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis, and Alex Bugnon.


Green Valley, 2006 - Music Montaj
Magic Dream, 2004 - VOA Music

Set List

My setlists includes originaly songs featured in both of the albums, Green Valley and Magic Dream. I also cover a variety of jazz and R&B music.