William Hambleton Bishop
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William Hambleton Bishop

Longmont, Colorado, United States

Longmont, Colorado, United States
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"philosphy of snow"

philosophy of snow

"Your lyrics on this song pour out with emotion and energy. The music has energetic musicianship and a strong beat. The title is a perfect choice. "

"Your vocals have strong emotional character. Just watch your pitch. The instrumentation is superb and I love the guitar work. The melodies are clean and vibrant. The structure is perfect. Your production sounds very nice for a demo. I would recommend the addition of a bass line to fill in the low end of the mix."

"This is an outstanding song that I would think buyers would be highly attracted to with a professional recording." - Song of the year feed back

"Raven citique"

"Your lyrics are poignant and very descriptive of the pain left by open wounds of the heart. The music starts off subtly and then dives into a mellow jam. The title is perfect."

"Your vocals are bold with just some slight wavering, especially during the chorus. The instrumentation is works very well for the mood of the song. The melodies are original and very strong. The structure is perfect. The production just needs some minor cleanup on quality and a final touch up of the mix."

"This is a wonderful song that makes for a powerful anthem about love/relationships. This is sure to garner a lot of buyer attention." - Song of the year critique


I placed second in one of the 'Song of the year's' contests. I am being played on area 67 undiscovered podcast. You can also find his music on Jango.com, Lastfm.com and indie104 internet radio. Check out www.myspace.com/williamhambletonbishop and http://www.youtube.com/user/williambishop22 for more music.



Will offers soul infused folk with hip-hop influenced percussions and an electric acoustic string fusion. His intention is to move you like a reggae wave howling at the mountains while his lyrical poetics push towards acceptance and positivity. He is a singer/songwriter and he is available to play or write – whichever combination in needed. William is very interested in selling his songs to serious performing artists. He is a lyricist and a musician who plays all audible instruments on his tracks. His music is influenced by the mountains, his love, his friends, and his journey in becoming a family therapist. His intention is to spead kind melodies through songs with acousitic electric fusion.