William Hart Strecker

William Hart Strecker


An amalgam of all the rock, blues, folk, alt-country, and pop. "STRECKER’S voice is magical and like a great acoustic guitar has gained character and richness from the earlier days when I first heard him crooning the honkytonks of the Vermont Mountains."-Dan Russo Sanctuary Records Group


Sure, F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously said, “There are no second acts in American lives.” In grinning defiance of that notion, William invites you to discover his latest CD, All This Dreaming, a work informed by a love of life…no matter how it is played out.

Strictly speaking, if you’re keeping score, this is the third act of Bill’s life, the one in which an epiphany triggered by a near-death experience returns him to his earliest passion, music.

Turning to his vocal instrument, he began classical training as a youth and, by his teens, earning awards, including being named New York State’s best high school tenor. A full scholarship for voice brought him to Baylor University.

Bill’s 1972 band, New Hope (on Laurie Records, home of The Chiffons and Dion and the Belmonts) released a Strecker-penned single, “Green Green Grass/Oh My Lady” and embarked on a nationwide tour. Fame, however, remained beyond the band’s grasp.

Bill continued to perform, sharing the stage with the likes of Tom Rush, Steve Goodman, and Richie Havens. He recorded in sessions with Noel Paul Stooky of Peter, Paul and Mary. Stooky turned legendary manager Albert Grossman (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez) on to Bill and he holed up near Woodstock to record under Grossman’s aegis but the relationship dissolved. Bill performed with Pure Prairie League, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen with Nicolette Larson, and the Dixie Diesels, an Austin, TX band fronted by Shawn Colvin.

By the mid-1980’s the demands of raising a family and the rigors of the bar-gig life of a musician began to wear on him. And so, the curtain came down on the first act.

The plot turn that closes out this second stanza of William Hart Stecker’s life is the one that almost took his life. In October of 1998, returning in the evening from a meeting with a client, Bill’s car left the road and hit a tree. A long and painful regimen of physical therapy lay ahead.

It was during this arduous process that someone gave him a CD player and a couple of CDs to listen to during his therapy sessions. Inside the jewel case of one of them, BB King’s Deuces Wild, he spotted a photograph of some of the musicians on the album, including Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. And there alongside them was Tommy Eyre, the keyboardist from Bill’s old band. Not only did it bring tears to his eyes to see that after all those years his friend had persevered and built a successful career for himself, but it struck Bill as a sign. A sign that he was going to listen to the voice inside himself that had begun to tell him he had to give music one more try.

The curtain rises on his third act when you break the seal on All This Dreaming. Standing ovations are sure to follow...


Keep on loving 2001 Berger Platters Records
All This Dreaming 2004/05 itunes

William Hart Strecker has most recently been the voice of McDonalds "Lovin it" on National AAA Radio.

Set List

William Strecker performs in three configurations:
Solo Artist
Full band- 6members

Each Set is 45-50 min long
and can play 1 to 3 sets in an evening.

He plays origional music with the occasional cover of the Tennessee Waltz